Ombre Nails Ideas for Modern Women | Glaminati.Com

Ombre Nails Ideas for Modern Women | Glaminati.Com

Ombre means the gradual change between different shades of color, in this to achieve ombre nails. This simply means the change of a certain color from dark to light or a light color to a dark color. It was most common among hairstyles where the roots were made in such a way that they are of a lighter hue than the rest of the hair parts.

Doing ombre nails is both a stylish and classic way of making your nails. The mixing of different colors to get a particularly unique color gives your nails the perfect appearance. The different color shades transform your nails from ordinary simple nails to give them a unique and classy appearance. The following is a step procedure to do your ombre nails.

Step 1: Preparation

In order to transform your nails from their ordinary look to the classic ombre nails, you need to first get the required ingredients. Preparation also includes ensuring that you choose a color combination that you would like to try out. When using artificial nails is it also part of the preparation to choose the nail shape you would like to have. Some of the things you require are;

  1. A base coat
  2. Nude color of the desired nail polish
  3. A white nail polish
  4. Transparent nail polish of choice
  5. A UV or LED lamp
  6. A nail brush

Step 2: Apply your shades

When doing the ombre polish on your natural nails, it is important to first apply a base coat but if you are working on artificial nails, you can go straight to the application of the desired nail polish. 

The nail polish is applied from the base of your nail halfway up the nail. From the point of half the nail to the end, use white nail polish. Use the nail brush to gently push the white polish until they meet with the other nail polish. While doing this, ensure that the change between the shades is unnoticeable.

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Step 4: Blend 

Ensure that your brush is made of fine, soft bristles so that it can be able to mix the colors perfectly. Gently brush the two colors so that they begin to form the color that you desired. Dry this coat using an LED or UV lamp.

Step 5: Repeat 

Apply the two sets of nail polish just the same way you did before and gently brush them so that they mix perfectly. Use the right amount of nail polish to achieve the shade that you desired. Dry the applied polish using the lamp.

Step 6: Apply the transparent layer

Carefully apply a transparent coat of your desired nail polish. This coat is meant for highlighting the mixed hues. This shade is applied on three-quarters of the nail and blended using the brush to attain the desired color shade. After perfectly blending the transparent polish, dry it using the lamp.

Step 7: Apply the final layer and the topcoat

Apply the topcoat on the white part of the nail. Apply one layer of the transparent nail polish on the rest of the nail and blend them together using a brush. Dry the two using the lamp. The finishing is done using your desired shiny top coat to seal in everything. When you want to get a unique finish, you can always try out new things, get innovative and creative with colors so that you can experiment and get different hues for your ombre nails.

Ombre nails can be made using either gel or ordinary nail polish. The only difference when using gel instead of nail polish is the use of cotton buds and a makeup sponge. When you use gel, the sponge is the one that blends the two colors better as the gel is thicker than nail polish. The sponge creates perfect horizontal stripes on the nails compared to the brush from the two color shades. The sponge can also be used to blur the two color shades by tapping it on the nail to get the desired look.  The cotton bud is used in tidying up the mess created in the entire process.


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