Offshore software development: the definitive guide for ceos

Offshore software development: the definitive guide for ceos

Many businesses today have a lot to accomplish and complete. Their to-do list is growing at a tremendous rate due to the constant market and user pressure. Ensuring quality with such increased pressures and demands is no easy task. Also, developing things on site can be costly as Offshore software companies charge a huge amount for any application software project.

Offshore software development does not result in a substandard product

To deal with all the problems and ensure smooth application development, companies hire or partner with a software development outsourcing company. This comes at a reasonable cost as the wages per hour are rational. And it is easy to work with experienced and experienced developers. However, partnering with a software outsourcing company is not everything. Yes, you heard that right! There are various problems associated with the association.

Of all the obstacles, quality is the biggest issue that needs urgent attention. Any business will not want to provide their customers with lousy and terrible software. This is a risk that can lead to the loss of all regular customers and clients. Despite the quality issue, many companies are still associated with outsourcing software development companies. And they still make sure they get quality products with

Quality team

The first and most important step is to establish a quality assurance team that monitors the result. It corrects any errors before delivery to stakeholders and customers. Building a quality team is a relief for the business as connecting with the outsourcing team and tracking the progress of a project takes time and stressful process. A business cannot involve all employees in project review. Having a separate QA team takes care of the task exclusively. And it  keeps the development in line with expectations. The outsourced development team also has a contact group. It can easily contact them and guide the entire process.

Checking references

You don’t want to associate your business with any external development team. Before signing a contract, you must be confident in your decision and know your partner. Since many outsourcing development companies are located far from each other. They are located in different regions. And you need to go through the team verification. Checking references, customer reviews, completed projects would be a great idea to overcome your suspicions and have confidence in the team you are communicating with. In addition, you will be aware of the offshore software development opportunities that you might want to use in your project.

Quality plan

Another thing you can incorporate into your process is to develop a comprehensive quality plan. It will serve as a reference for your external software development plan. This will give impetus to the development process and help the team maintain delivery times. The plan shortens the time to market. And any changes in the project associated with the development of the market can be easily controlled. The quality plan acts like a cheat sheet for the development team as they can find answers to all possible challenges in the plan. These are such as deadlines, delivery times, changing market trends, team absence, payroll problems, and more. It also raises the issue of project testing, which should be taken very seriously, as a project cannot be completed without testing done within the project.

Follow flexible methodology

As we know, Agile is all about following an iterative approach. Whatever changes were made in the previous step, this is done before moving on to the next. This is the opposite of what the waterfall model suggests. The practice of applying agile methodology in software development helps a company engaged in the development of custom software to create projects iteratively. It eliminates any errors and errors in stages at the same time. Also flexible support for the involvement of stakeholders and clients in the development of the project.


While there may be concerns that communicating with external software engineers is important. It carries many benefits and challenges. However, all problems can be easily resolved through planning and communication. While you may benefit from the costs, you do not want to compromise on the quality of the delivered project.


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