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Modern Home Exteriors

Nothing compares to the exterior of a contemporary house, with its clean lines, large windows, and unmistakable sophistication. There are countless modern home varieties to adore, including exterior designs, whether you favor the coziness of wood or the appearance of industrial metals. 

Additionally, you can exhibit your furnishings to the external world by emitting a pleasant radiance at night or providing a look into your design style during the day thanks to the huge windows and open-concept architecture. Become inspired by the Truoba contemporary houses,  and the ideas below to boost the style game in your house.

Huge windows

The last couple of years, it’s been all about the windows. Maybe that has been the case because we’ve all been spending a lot of time indoors. Additional windows not only enhance the façade but also give the indoors a light, airy sense. To sharpen up the appearance, bold, straight-edge windows are eliminating artfully curved panes. The new windows’ sleek design and airy feel will enliven and freshen up any space instantly.

Doors as a focal point

Doors are an excellent opportunity to express individual style because they are no longer just used as entrances. Guests can be warmly welcomed and the façade of a property can be made more fascinating by using vibrant or intriguing colors, geometric patterns, or bespoke glass designs. Even more, emphasis can be enticed by framing a door with a variety of hues and textures. 

Mixed accents

Contemporary homeowners add more color contrast by contrasting the color of the outside walls with the color of the garage doors and other decorations. For a sleek, contemporary appearance, combine that flawless white with doors that are black or wood-look. This works particularly well if you want to add a little refinement and interest to a minimalistic home exterior.

Exterior Ambient Lighting

Any home’s façade can be greatly improved by outdoor lighting. Today, ambient lighting on building facades is given the most attention. A boring facade may be made brighter with the right lighting, and this tiny detail can have a significant impact.


The most enjoyable but difficult aspect to manage can be landscaping. Making a choice for the kind of landscaping on the front lawn can be challenging because there are so many different design alternatives. Neutral home exteriors mix effectively with lush green landscapes. Similarly, vividly colored plants can liven up a dull or gloomy external design.

Decks & Porches

With a porch, homeowners may enjoy their area and engage with it in new ways, like as having breakfast outside or relaxing in a chair to watch the sun go down. Another addition to your home is a porch, which you may use for entertaining visitors or preparing meals.

Bottom line

There are a lot of modern home features that can be enhanced in order to freshen up the exterior. The best part is that enhancing the appearance of your home doesn’t have to be expensive; just a few plants or new furniture may do wonders! Just be sure to plan ahead and, if necessary, seek assistance from a home design professional!



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