Look Confident, Bold & Quirky with These 5 Fashionable Girls Watches

Look Confident, Bold & Quirky with These 5 Fashionable Girls Watches

Confident, bold, and quirky – these are not just the types of outfits a girl can don, these are moods. While it is quite easy to categorize girls into a particular look by people around, there are no fashion rules carved on the stone that says girls cannot be confident, bold, quirky, or all of them at once.

As a girl, what you can and cannot wear is limited by your own ideas. There is really no stopping how you choose to look. So how about you look confident, bold, and quirky – all at the same time? And this time, not with your outfits but accessories like girls watches. Girls watches elevate your sex appeal as nothing else does.


If you want to look unique and not be pigeonholed into a fashion category, you can choose to funk up your look with accessories such as girls watches. While it may seem quite simple, girls watches amp up your appeal and add a lot of character to your look. So, without further delay, carry the confident, bold, and quirky look with these 5 cool and fashionable girls watches.

Style it With Wonder Woman Black Dial

Girls Watches

Being unconventional is a fantastic way to make yourself unique, and you can achieve that with this diamond dial watch. With a soft and comfortable fit, this leather strapped girls’ watch snuggles on your wrist. While the unconventional dial shape adds funkiness to your look, the black leather straps keep it classy and sophisticated. Pair this watch with ethnic and western outfits to create a stylized appeal.

Get Going with the Uptown Retreat

Girls Watches

Just like the name, this watch is incredibly classy, sophisticated, and cool. The vibrant colours of the dial make the watch stand out and gives a major lift to your overall outfit. Even though the colours are quite bright and vibrant on the dial, they are beautifully contrasted with the soft pastel shade of the strap to create a watch that is bold and confident yet soft and feminine at the same time. This watch is versatile and can be paired with any style of clothing.

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Popping the Colours with Purple

Girls Watches

Looking confident, bold, and quirky at the same time is not easy. But this timepiece makes it easy for you. As one of the funkiest girls watches, this timepiece makes your outfit pop out no matter when or where you wear it. The colour purple pairs up well with the other elements of your outfit. So, make it a part of your everyday accessories and you will never feel limited by fashion categories.

The Black & Golden Glitch

Girls Watches

When talking of classy and bold girls watches, this black-coloured beauty fulfils the expectation of a sophisticated look. This timepiece is so versatile that donning it with your partywear outfit makes it look like it is meant exclusively for parties, and when you wear it to the boardroom, it looks like it is bound to be worn to a meeting. Apart from its dazzling appeal, it is a comfortable fit with soft leather straps.

The Black & the Turquoise


Girls watches have also evolved over time and these days you get terrific smartwatches with great tech features that are also stylish and cool. The compact Reflex 3.0 has tech features such as a heart rate monitor, different sports modes, watch faces, and more. The customizable watch faces allow you to change the look of your watch as per your wish every day. If you want girls watches that are feature-packed and versatile like no other, this is the one for you.

Show Off Your Style with Cool Girls Watches

While you can amp up your look with several accessories, girls watches must top the list. It is the only accessory that is practical, useful, and stylish at the same time. To check out a diverse range of girls watches, drop in the nearest showroom of reliable brands such as Fastrack or check out their collection online. The diverse collection of girls watches ensure that you look confident, bold, and quirky at the same time. So, do not wait. Check out their collection now.


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