Leading Non-fungible Tokens of 2022!

Leading Non-fungible Tokens of 2022!

Cryptocurrencies are being compared with the new form of digital assets NFTs. The previous year was quite stormy for digital currencies as many digital coins entered the market at the beginning instances of 2021. In contrast to digital coins, NFTs were significantly less at the first instances of last year. However, after some time, NFTs became an identity of the cryptocurrency marketplace. Devoid of fungible attributes depicts that one cannot exchange these tokens but can sell them to another person. 

The non-fungible characters of these tokens make them different from conventional cryptocurrencies. The non-fungible token marketplace acquired a market cap of $ 7 billion in just one year. If you are interested in bitcoin trading, you need to know is crypto worth investing over traditional investments? In short, 2021 was a golden year for the NFT marketplace. Both cryptocurrencies and NFTs come up with a robust cryptographic network. 

Some of the NFTs have a higher value than the leading cryptocurrency BTC, and the only reason behind this is their exclusivity. For example, BTC is 21 million, and all of these tokens are identical. Still, each NFT is different, and this character makes them exceedingly prestigious and unique. So, let’s find out some of the leading NFTs of this year. 

Key Takeaways!

The demand for non-fungible tokens skyrocketed last year after the announcement of Metaverse. Finally, after three years, people acknowledged this industry’s productivity and profit potential as the foremost NFT came into live-action in 2017. 

Currently, the utmost costly NFT is a combination of different pictures of Beeple. This NFT was traded at a market value of $70 million in a famous auction.

The most frequent non-fungible tokens that have a high value are crypto punks. As discussed above, the foremost NFT came into action in 2017. However, these crypto punk arts were few of the leading NFTs at that time. 

The most popular NFTs!


Every day is the most valuable NFT at the instance. The creator of this non-fungible token is Mike Beeple Winkle Mann. As per reports, Mike initiated the era of NFTs back in 2017. You might wonder why every day is the most valuable NFT at the instance. The artwork includes nearly 5000 images clicked by the creator. 

From 2007 to 2021, the creator clicked almost 5000 images, and he added all of these pictures in one artwork. Mike minted this NFT on the Ethereum blockchain, and the buyer of this artwork paid ether worth 69 billion USD to buy this artwork. The company that purchased this artwork merely acquired a digital authorization, but the firm has an utter copyright claim. 

Human One

Winklemann is not merely the creator of every day but also Human One. The attractive feature of this artwork is that it is not entirely digital. The creator of this digital art has listed it as a kinetic sculptor in a media form. The Human one NFT comprises both digital and physical components. The digital components present in this artwork are dual media servers and video servers. The physical elements present in this artwork are a mahogany frame made of wood. The entire artwork is polished with aluminum metal. The market value of a human one is $28 million at the instance. In short, Winklemann is one of the most valuable NFT artists to be alive. 

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Crypto Punk 7523

Crypto punk is one of the frequent forms of NFT artwork. Crypto Punk artwork contains different types of buffered GIF characters. Usually, creators of this artwork use the Ethereum blockchain to mint the tokens. The sale price of crypto punk 7523 was nearly $11 million. The buyer of Crypto Punk is named Shalom Mackenzie. After this purchase by Shalom Mackenzie, the popularity of NFTs went to the roof in no time. 

Crypto Punk 3100

Many people referred to crypto punk 7523 as a symbolic representation of the pandemic as one of the characters in this artwork is wearing a mask. After crypto punk 3100 became one of the most valuable crypto punk artworks. The buyer purchased this artwork for $7 million. Immediately after purchasing this artwork, the buyer listed it for a much higher price on a similar platform, open sea. 

The above listed are some popular and most valuable NFTs of 2022.


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