Leading Cryptocurrencies Having Potential to Outplay BTC!

Earlier digital coins were considered as a hypothetical notion more than a reality. However, all these concepts banking upon a virtual coin transformed when BTC attained a skyrocketing growth. So far, digital coins have become popular with the assistance of BTC. This digital coin falls under the category of one of the utmost trusted coins ever to be existing. 

However, the market is not limited to BTC only; the jaw-dropping evolutions in this industry state the growth of digital coins. If you are interested in bitcoin trading, visit bitlq to acquire an utter guide to crypto trading. The fast evolution of digital coins has intensified the emergence of different digital coins that can outplay BTC.

 Undeniably the legacy of BTC is undefeatable as per its numbers, but still, the developed technologies can cause a lot of damage to Bitcoin’s market. So let’s have a look at the digital coins that can outplay the digital coin BTC in 2022. 


Whenever someone talks about the competition of bitcoin, a conversation without mentioning this coin is not complete. Since Ethereum is also the leading digital coin of all time, people consider both Ethereum and BTC are working on similar technology. However, these two have a lot of uncommon stuff between each other. 

It is not Ethereum that can outplay BTC in 2022; as the native coin of this platform, ether acts as a digital currency just like BTC. However, Ethereum is not a payment method like BTC as it is a blockchain-based typical concept.

 Both BTC and Ethereum are utterly independent. However, the blockchain of BTC is significantly less advanced than Ethereum. Currently, Ethereum is way behind BTC in all manners, but the implication of proof of stakes can better this system. 

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Cardano is not similar to any of the above-listed digital coins. The consensus mechanism utilized by this network is popular as proof of stakes and proof of history. Cardano is heavily a citizen due to its slow-paced growth. 

But many cryptocurrency bugs appreciate the demanding growth of this system. Moreover, Cardano is not merely developed by the cryptocurrency experts as there are several mathematicians also involved in this project. 

No one knows whether this system will ever outplay BTC in any manner, but few cryptocurrency experts are sure that if it continues to grow at this pace, it can diminish the dominance of Ethereum this year. However, Ethereum is also buckling up to make its ecosystem better by introducing an energy and gas fees efficient consensus mechanism. 


The technical disadvantages of BTC are why these coins comprise the potential to outplay BTC shortly. One disadvantage of this system is its slow processing speed when executing exchanges and transactions. On the other hand, Solana is one of the fastest networks processing transactions. It can execute 1000 folds more transactions in just one second than BTC. 

Ethereum and Solana resemble one another to a massive extent. Both of these systems have one native currency currently ruling the marketplace. Similar to Ethereum, the native currency of this system is popular as SOL. 

Solana has displayed commendable scalability in contrast to another network. SOL was trading at $2 in 2021, and currently, it is trading at $135; in short, the growth of this network is jaw-dropping. The technical aspects of this network have made it prominent in the mainstream cryptocurrency marketplace. 


All of the above-listed coins have been present in this game for a very long time. But Terra is a new contender in this marketplace. Even after appearing in a marketplace with some well-established contenders, Terra has managed to attract a massive investor base. 

In barely a few months, Terra’s growth has conveyed its potential. Terra is different from the digital currency model above as it operates on a fiat currency concept. Terra uses Stablecoin to enhance the stability of this system. Terra is a lethal mishmash of price certainty and massive adoption of national currency. 

Binance coin!

The popularity of this coin also skyrocketed after the introduction of the Binance innovative chain. Binance coin is not merely the native coin of BSC but is also the currency of Binance exchange. The above listed are digital currencies that have the utter potential to outplay BTC this year. 


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