Knowing About One Of The Leading Crypto Exchanges Of India “blockfi”

Knowing About One Of The Leading Crypto Exchanges Of India “blockfi”

BlockFi is said to be India’s top exchange platform that is ranked presently at the top in the crypto business. We all are well acquainted with the fact that whenever you start a cryptocurrency journey the thing that is of paramount importance is to have a platform that further empowers you to deal with your cryptocurrency in the ways you think are most beneficial. Although there are a number of them existing in the digital world, to get on the right one is your choice. You can click on the bitcoin trader to learn more about bitcoin trading.

Outlining About This Exchange Platform

As already mentioned, this trading platform has become the most famous one at present. The reason is so many but the most spoken one is the interest rates that it provides for your cryptocurrency. It offers around 8% of interest for your saved cryptocurrencies. Besides, it also permits a person to even take loans against the cryptocurrencies that you possess. This means that you do not always need to sell your coins to get a specific coin, rather you can use them to take loans. Which I think is the best option so far. The primary reason for bringing this platform to the virtual world is to enable people with the most convenient banking facilities along with credit.  All this was made with a vision so that our business fields can be managed without any admittance. The exchange platform was brought to existence by Marque and prime in the year 2017.

This platform also allows an investor to automate all the transfers so that they can easily access the services provided by them. Apart from crediting appreciable interest for your cryptocurrency, there is one more benefit which is the premium for the cryptocurrency that you can get even if you hold onto your cryptocurrencies. Isn’t it the best thing for any crypto investor, of course, it is! For the profits that you have made it will charge a very meagre amount for this. Also, you can pledge your cryptocurrency if you require a loan by simply providing security of 50% of your cryptocurrency. This means that whenever you are in a position to repay your loan you can retrieve your pledged cryptocurrency. Apart from that if you are stuck in an unpleasant situation and need cash you can also auction your crypto to get cash.

But you must always check about the cryptocurrencies that this platform offers. Because it has some limited currencies hence, always look upon your preferences.

The very last thing that I will be talking about is its credit card that has got some very pleasant rewards for the traders. Any services that have been sought with the help of this card will give you rewards in BTC coins.


  • This is a platform that has got acknowledgement on an international level for trading purposes.
  • It allows a trader to avail loans for the holding of the cryptocurrency and also by way of pledging your cryptocurrency.
  • The most convenient thing about his exchange is that it is available in app form for both ios and android users.
  • It has got a lot of benefits and rewards to offer to its users.
  • Lastly, there are no other commissions that this platform has to charge for the exchanges made.


I hope this trading platform has got to your mind very well and I assume that this information will end up being helpful for each one of you.  


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