Is Refinery29 a Platform For Millennials?


Founded by two white men, Refinery29 has a worldwide audience of 331 million users. But is it a platform for millennials? Does the success of its content depend on its traffic goals? Or does it just reflect the popularity of its white men founders? The former Refinery29 staffers tell us. Read on to learn what they think of the site and their own experience working there. Ultimately, they say, the success of Refinery29 depends on its users and how often it attracts attention.

Unbothered is a sub-brand of Refinery29

The founders of the ‘Unbothered’ sub-brand of Refinery29, a digital magazine aimed at Black women, have spoken out publicly about the company. While not the first to address issues of racial bias in the media, they point to a growing trend of women writing about race and gender, as well as the intersection of pop culture and feminism.

It has 331 million users

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global news coverage

While Refinery29 launched as a fashion website, it has expanded its content into the world, covering a variety of topics that other media outlets don’t bother to touch. For example, the site’s news coverage of sex workers in Denmark and police shootings in the U.S. has been lauded by readers. And with the recent announcement of a partnership with Ulta, Refinery29 is poised to expand its global news coverage.

up-and-coming designers

Refinery29 is an online magazine that focuses on independent fashion designers and trends. Launched in 2005, the site is a leading fashion destination with more than 30 million unique visitors per year. The company also offers online boutiques for a range of items. The site’s ethos is to provide “a culture that celebrates individuality” through content that speaks to its audience’s cultural and personal interests.

It has a video team

Refinery29, a female-focused digital media company, is stepping up its focus on video content. It plans to expand its video team, redesign its in-house studio, and expand its original programming slate. To do so, Refinery29 is raising $30.4 million in funding from investors like Stripes Group, Floodgate, First Round, and Hearst Ventures. The company also has a video team and a West Coast sales team.

Final Words:

Refinery29 has been around for 12 years, but you may be wondering why they have a newsletter. Founded in 2005, the website was founded by Justin Stefano, Philippe von Borries, Piera Gelardi, and Christene Barberich. The website has since grown into a full-fledged publication, with articles on a wide range of women’s issues, including pay gaps and sexual harassment.



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