How to view and download video story on Instagram without revealing your identity

How to view and download video story on Instagram without revealing your identity

Want to see your Instagram story but don’t want to show up? These tips will help you do just that. Even download this Instagram story to your device.

What is an Instagram story?

Story is the name of the feature updated by Instagram to help users share their stories. We can share videos, photos with creative editing features. Each story will only appear within 24 hours.

You can use it to share what’s going on around you with everyone. Besides, you can see the story of the people you follow and download their Instagram stories. Alternatively, you can record your diary and just let yourself see it.

How to post Instagram story by phone

On the home page of Instagram, you will see at the top are pictures of you and the people you follow. To post your story just click on the icon on the top left of the screen.

The image appeared on the Instagram homepage


Now the story editing screen for you will appear. Now upload only what you want to share from the gallery. You can also use the editing features to make the story come to life.


Add captions, music, stickers… Instagram offers a wide variety of themes. So be creative and share the moments around you. Finally, just click post to finish downloading the Instagram story.


How to view Instagram story anonymously

To be able to see the hidden story you need to know the following trick. First, go to Google on whatever browser you have. Then search for “those who see the story on Instagram”.


With these sites, you can easily view any story anonymously. However, with private accounts, this is not the way to do it. In addition, for stories that are more than 24 hours old, this method is not applicable.


For Reddit users, they have a great way to view the anonymous story as follows. By waiting for the story to be published then disconnecting from wifi or mobile network. This way you can see other people’s stories without being detected.


Viewing anonymously can help you secretly download Instagram story without being detected. This way you can keep something special to yourself.

How to download Instagram story

Downloading an Instagram story is a way that you keep your memories for a long time. Like a vivid diary, you can review it anytime you like. To do this, you need to use the Instagram downloader – SnapInsta tool.

SnapInsta, Instagram story downloader

S1: Whenever you come across a story you want to download, immediately copy the video URL link.
S2: Then access the IG downloader tool SnapInsta to download story IG.
S3: Now just paste the copied URL into the text box and hit download and you’re done.


The result you get is a high-quality mp4 Instagram story video. Not only that, but this tool is also completely free to use on all devices. Feel free to download any story anywhere thanks to


Viewing an anonymous Instagram story is how you secretly care about someone. With the tips above, hope that you will realize your wishes. Download Instagram story and keep good memories. I hope you’re always happy.



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