How To Optimize Images For Google Image Search SEO?

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Your visual content brings your content to life. Images are crucial to show your visitors that your content is attractive, accessible, and engaging. The image you are using in your content has to be optimized. An optimized image increases organic traffic on your website, increases engagement, and helps in the fast loading of your page. Image optimization is the resolution to increase engagement on your page.

If you want to generate organic traffic on your page and get high rankings by optimizing your visual content, it is suggested to leave this to search engine optimization experts. For the optimization of images, there are several SEO specialists to provide quality SEO services UK. If you want to do it yourself, here are some useful tips for you on how to optimize images for SEO to allow your brand to succeed.

1.Resize your images

The size of an image is the amount of space that is needed for the image to store on the server. Larger images with higher resolution can slow down the page loading. Resizing an image is important before adding it to your site. You can simply import an image and experiment with a percentage, but it is suggested to use the highest quality possible and make sure it is compressed in the smallest file size possible. Different tools are used to minimize images while optimizing the quality of that image.

Whatever tool you use for compressing your image, make sure to use it correctly. Before adding an image, choosing a suitable format is also necessary. While there are different formats to choose from, it is recommended to use a JPEG format for the images.

2.Choose the right name for your image

For page search engine optimization and higher ranking in image search results, choosing the right name for your image is crucial. Always use the relevant name with hyphens between words instead of ‘IMG_323.JPG’ and use the keywords at the start.

3.Use alt text

If the picture cannot be displayed because of any reason such as website glitch or website repairment, alternative text appears on the screen. Before adding an image, don’t forget to add alt text to every image. Make sure to add keywords into the alt texts that are associated with that image. It will help in the better rankings in the search engine.

4.Use captions

The caption is the text beneath the images. By not writing proper captions with an image, you can lose the number of potential readers. Captions may not directly optimize an image but can enhance user experience.

5.Use Original images

There are different websites to import images from but it is always better to use a unique image. Using stock photos will not necessarily help you with search engine optimization, because other websites might be using these images. So, it is better to use unique images for better rankings.

Image optimization is delivering high-quality and attractive data to increase user engagement. Using these image optimization techniques will surely help you if you are struggling with high rankings and organic traffic.

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