How to open garage door without power from outside?

Are you locked outside of your house in heavy rain? Is your car stuck inside the carport and the entryway isn’t moving a bit? And you are getting late from office. Call in garage door repair Edmonton for any emergency. Their team always ready to help in any kind of disastrous situation.

Nowadays, most carport entryways are automatic and operate on electricity. Also, you have no command on it neither your overhead passage.

During rainy weather and unfortunate times, power outrage out of blue. Either you hire an emergency service or do it by yourself.

In this article, we’ll speak about some ways that can prove beneficial to deal with such sudden situations.

Ways to open the overhead gate (without power)  

So due to outrage, you are having difficulty in operating the overhead. But little do you know, during manufacturing of these automatic entryways, they add the option of manual. So if you ever go out of energy, you can function.

All you need to know is the right ways to do so. If you are unable to contact a service, these tips should always be back in your mind.

So next time when you face such a situation, you know how to open garage door without power from outside.

First way-   

Check the right mechanism

If you notice that the parking passage isn’t opening, the first thing you need to do is enter inside the house. This means from the usual entryway of your home. Then enter the carport entryway and have a look.

If you see above your head, there’s a red rope attached with a lever on the ceiling. You’ll need hand to pull it down to the carport entry.

Pull the cord

That red rope has different names and seems difficult to identify due to its similarity with cables. Read the manual and see what it is and how it looks like.

Usually, it’s known as an emergency cord. And it looks red. You must assure while pulling the cord because if you pull the cable, you can create a disaster for you and your overhead.

Second way-   

The majority use their overhead as their main entryway to the house. In outrage, you could be blaming yourself for feeling unfortunate. No worries, we have another way to do so.

Precaution: it seems violent and feels like you’re theft but it’s your house and at this moment you want to fix it.

Prepare a wire

Take a wire either from the window of your home or borrow from your neighbor and attach a hook on one end. Place a ladder in the center outside of the parking passage. Now move it from the top space of the inside.

You’ll need a strong sense and memory because you can’t see now. Make sure the hook catches the handle where the trolley is present. Now pull it in your direction. This will release the trolley from the cord and will expose it from the outside.

Safety measures

  • Hire a qualified service like garage door repair Edmonton right off.
  • Shut the passage if it feels like opened half away.
  • Be careful while dealing with the mechanism.
  • Always switch off the energy source before doing anything to automatic entry.


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