How to Maintain and Organize Warehouse Stocks? Consider Seven Tips

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Organizing the warehouse inventory is essential for efficient and effective operations. It streamlines receiving, putting away, picking, and shipping. However, without proper warehouse management system, no amount of effort you exert towards warehouse organization can have any lasting impact. Mentioned below are seven crucial tips you must cautiously implement for cent per cent success. Please check them out right now.

Label Everything

The experts offering the best RFID warehouse management solutions said no product must leave receiving without a label. The label will be utilized for tracking the product’s whereabouts later inside the supply chain. The designated label is scanned when the items are transferred to the store shelves or sent out for delivery. This ensures appropriate communication.

Invest in a Software

As mentioned in the previous point, all sorts of products need to be labeled so that they could be found in a hassle-free manner whenever needed by software such as RFID or radio frequency identification and barcode system. RFID makes tackling the inventory and preserving the entire stock organization easy, no matter how much or where you decide to store.

Place the High Velocity Products Close to the Shipping Area or in Accessible Areas

Your workers are going to work with the high velocity products the most, so, make sure to place them close to the shipping area or in places that you feel are easily accessible. This saves the total time spent on equipment and labor movement. Now carry the strategy out only with the top 15 to 20 percent of your stock items. It will not work if you apply it all the items.

Conduct Cycle Counts

Rather than taking a single huge inventory annually, opt for cycle counts, where the whole inventory is consistently once or more in a stipulated cycle. This cycle can be monthly, quarterly or any timeframe you find convenient. This method is known for promising exact inventory numbers as well as enables you to pinpoint the mistakes that happen every day and missing stocks.

Finish Orders Before a Shift Ends

It is quite easy to just drop the order in the chaos that happens in between shifts. Give the workers enough time to finish the orders and put the stock away before their shift finishes and a new one starts. The workers must be proficient in time management. They have to complete all the inventory entries before logging out or calling it a day.


Everything that reaches the warehouse must be carefully kept on the shelves. No item should be left in the aisle or simply shoved in one corner to be dealt with later. The raw materials and the damaged goods must be cleaned. Make sure the workers who come after do not find the place messy.

Limit the Number of Unauthorized Personnel

No one must be allowed inside the warehouse without authorization and a definite purpose. You need to employ individuals who have experience in organizing stocks. This eliminates the chance of items being moved around without the permission of those who actually work in your business.

If you wish your warehouse as well as your overall business to run without any hassle, make sure to prioritize inventory maintenance under all circumstances. Doing so improves operational competence to the greatest extent, alleviates errors, thefts, or misplacements, and paves way for accurate reading. Negligence will simply lead to losses from which you may never unfortunately recover.



Although it may seem easy, organizing warehouse and its inventory is a challenging and time-consuming endeavor. To make sure everything happens smoothly, please invest in management software such as RFID, label each item, conduct cycle counts, etc.



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