How to Keep Your Home at a Warmer Temp

How to Keep Your Home at a Warmer Temp

As the winter months of the year start to roll around all over again, there is no doubt that it will be a concern of more and more people that they need to keep their home at a warmer temperature. Fortunately, there are plenty of methods that you can use to have an increased control over the temperature of your house, without simply whacking up the heating which no one is wanting to do at the moment. Let’s examine a few of these in more detail. 

Install a Controllable System 

First up on the list, you have the option of installing an air conditioning and heating system that gives you the most control over what is going on inside your home. A programmable thermostat can also be a useful addition to your environment which can have a big impact and if you can afford it a smart thermostat automatically learns your house and when it is most likely to need heating. You should also make sure that you are doing what is right for your home. If you can shut off some rooms which are not needed (without the risk of condensation) then do so, if you are in a terrace or a flat you may find you need less heat in the evening than you think because your neighbors all turn their heating on. 

Put in Some Draught Excluders 

The next issue that you could find yourself dealing with is simply down to the fact that there are draughts occurring around the home that need to be blocked out. Ultimately, this is the type of relatively simple DIY approach which does not need to cost a huge amount of money but when it is done properly, it can really make all the difference to ensuring that your home temp is kept pleasant. 

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Use Your Curtains More 

Using the curtains more can also help you out when it comes to allowing your home to heat up at the right time of the day. When the sun goes down and you want to keep the heat in, you simply need to close them again. It may also be worth investing in the type of thick winter drapes that are designed with temperature control fully in mind. When you make an investment such as this one, it is worth making sure that you use it. 

Unblock Your Radiators 

The next potential issue that could be occurring is that your radiators have large items in front of them, such as furniture. It could also be the case that you normally rely on them to dry your laundry. Ultimately, if these blockages are occurring, it is worth making sure that they are dealt with. Otherwise, you will end up heating up parts of your home such as your furniture that simply is not going to benefit your household.

Invest in Some More Insulation 

If you are looking for the type of solution that is more expensive, but is likely to have a big impact on what is going on around your home, it could well be worth investing in some more insulation as a way of keeping the heat around the house. You may also be able to claim some financial incentives to do so.


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