How to Easily Fix Your Dab Pens Easily

how to fix dab

Dab pens are portable devices that enable you to fully explore the effects and benefits of cannabis concentrates.  These devices come in different shapes and sizes and are normally referred to as the smallest of all portable vaporizers. 

Dab pens are made up of three major parts which include a battery, an atomizer/ heating chamber, and a mouthpiece. Consequently, you do not need much experience using a dab pen, but you need information.

Has your dab pen stopped working? Have you detected a drop in the performance of your dab pen? Before you think of disposing of the device, there could be a fix for the issue. Below are some of the questions you should ask yourself when your dab pen needs a fix.

Are the dab pen‘s parts connected properly?

Most dab pens have 510 threaded connections between their parts. If the dab pen’s parts are properly screwed in, the device may not work normally or it may stop functioning at all. Therefore, you should always ensure the heating chamber and battery of the dab pen are well fitted before you activate the battery. The mouthpiece should also be screwed firmly with the heating chamber when taking hits from the battery to prevent any leakage of the vapor.

Are the dab pen’s mouthpiece and heating chamber clogged?

If not cleaned regularly, the mouthpiece and heating chamber of your dab cartridge can get clogged with the excess or the residue of the dabbing concentrate.  Clogging up of the dab pen limits airflow.

You can fix a clogged mouthpiece by gently blowing air via your mouth or using a hairdryer into the mouthpiece and carefully dislodging whatever gets away. If the clogging is big you can try unclogging manually and carefully using a toothpick, safety pin, or a needle. For minor clogs, you can increase the heat level in your dab.

Does the vape pen’s battery have enough charge? Is the battery activated?

If the dab pen’s heating chamber is not heating up at all, you should check out whether the battery is activated. Try recharging the battery and activate it to see whether the coil will work properly. 

Fortunately, most dab pens feature battery level indicator lights that notify you when the battery is about to drain. However, this light may not turn on when the battery is dead, meaning the dab pen needs to be recharged.

Is the dab pen’s atomizer working?

Usually, the atomizer in a dab pen has life whose longevity depends on the type of user. For heavy dab pen users, the atomizer can last for a few months and needs replacement. On the other hand, light/ casual and the best portable vaporizer users get a longer life from their atomizer. The atomizer can serve them for even a whole year.

You should check whether the atomizer is working after every few days of using the device. Otherwise, you will end up wasting the dabbing concentrate. 

Checking whether the dab pen is working is a very easy procedure. You turn on the battery and you should see the heating coming off the atomizer. Alternatively, you can use your hands to feel the heat coming out of the atomizer, but be careful not to touch the atomizer/ coil.

Did you give the dab pen enough time to create the vapor?

Operating a dab pen at low temperatures can need additional time for the formation of the desired amount of vapor. Nonetheless, the vapor is created in a dab pen at a fairly instant. Therefore, it is very rare that the device needs additional time to create the perfect hit/ draw. 

Which is the ideal dab pen?

The quality of dab pens can vary from one brand to another. High-quality dab pens do not need regular fixing because they rarely have any issues. Below are some of the features of a good dab pen that can last for several years. 

  1. Warranty – (to get the most out of a dab pen you need a good warranty on the dab pen. The warranty acts as the cover for the dab pen just in case any issues occur in its functionality).
  2. Enough battery life (a battery that dies after a few hits can get you thinking that the dab pen needs a huge fix. Therefore, you need a dab pen whose battery has a larger capacity/ life that is long enough).
  3. Made of durable and safe materials (for safety purposes a good dab pen should be made of food and medical grade materials. Furthermore, the dab pen’s construction should be strong enough to withstand accidental drop downs such as from a table to the floor).

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