How to drive sales through Instagram Link in Bio Feature

Instagram Link in Bio

When it comes to driving sales, no matter what the business is, Instagram is a powerful social platform to drive sales to your product pages or eCommerce website. However, Instagram puts some restrictions on links, allowing you to have only one clickable link in your Instagram bio called the link in bio

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, you can’t add clickable links in the caption of Instagram posts and comment section. If you want to promote your brand or drive sales to your site, you will have to use this single link in bio carefully. Your aim should be to get more as much from as you can. 

To drive sales to your specific product or page, you have to put their link into your Instagram bio. Once you put, share your bio link to large groups, pages, and communities. However, share to only niche relevant groups and pages. 

What if you need more links to promote? No worries, there’s many Instagram link in bio tools out there. Some offer premium features at zero cost, and some are paid. Here I’m going to list some tools to help you drive sales.  

Instagram Link in Bio tools 

We know that the bio link has been a popular source of traffic and sales. Instagram allows us to have only one clickable link that can be added only in the bio section. This link is a call to action that encourages the audience to go through this link to get more info. That’s why it’s necessary to make the best possible use of this single link in bio. Let’s proceed here to take a quick look at the following bio tools. 


This bio tool allows you to create a landing page to house your content, such as videos, images, blogs, and multiple links, such as links for your Facebook pages, YouTube channels, websites, product pages, and many more. LinkBook provides custom domains for your landing pages. 

Instagram link in bio

Don’t forget that short links without a branded domain are considered unsafe by Instagram. So, IG is marking the short links as spam. If you’re using Linktree links, they can get banned at any time because Linktree is unable to provide a custom URL shortener. Above all, LinkBook is 100% free to use. Let’s take a quick look on its features.

  • It provides advanced link tracking
  • UTM parameters
  • Animated and scheduled links
  • Email integrations with Mailchimp
  • Social embedding
  • Media embedding
  • Support GIF


Shorby is considered one of the best Instagram link in bio tools. But unfortunately, it’s not free to use. If you want Shorby, you will have to buy a plan. Shorby is well-known due to its smart page functionality, allowing you to create a personalized landing page with all your priority links. 

Once you create your landing page, you can house videos, GIFs, custom backgrounds, animated Avatars, text blocks, and eye-catchy designs that can push your page’s performance to the next level. In addition, you can add your brand logo, name, email address, and phone number. 

Shorby allows its users to add tracking pixels to monitor the success of your links. This pixel tracking also helps you retarget your returning visitors across various channels such as Google AdWords and LinkedIn. 

You can add a title and description of your brand to your smart pages. I recommend you add a PNG avatar to make your smart page look like a professional website. Let’s take a quick look at the features of Shorby;

  • QR code generator
  • A lot of customization options 
  • Custom domains for landing pages 
  • Social icons and messenger buttons 
  • Link tracking and retargeting
  • Unlimited links


Like other bio tools, Campsite helps you, too, to make the best possible of your single link in bio. It allows you to create a unique link where you can house your collection of links. The Campsite is free to use, and its free plan is permanent. Using Campsite, you can enjoy the following features;

  • You can add unlimited links 
  • Plenty of customization options
  • You can get access to analytics
  • Retarget visitors with Facebook pixel 
  • Google sheet and Mail chimp integrations

The campsite also has a pro tier that provides some advanced features.  


Tap.Bio comes with a free plan allowing you to create mini branded websites. It works on a card-based system that can boost your business performance. This bio tool will enable you to convert your audience into potential customers. Using, you will get the following features;

  • Plenty of customization 
  • Personalized mini-websites with beautiful designs 
  • Each card has a unique custom background image 
  • Email sign-up Short Custom URL 


As mentioned before, a link in bio is the best way to drive sales and traffic from Instagram to your product pages. If you have more than one business link, use the tools mentioned above to make the best possible of your bio li


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