How to buy Cakes online from Online Portals?

If we had a year ago presented a film with everything we had experienced during 2020, the concept would probably have made us dizzy with so many changes in our behaviors. But that food Cakes online supply is an innovation that has come to remain; if we add to it, we have to speak about a true revolution and we must thus be happy to purchase cakes at home!

The success of home delivery of Cake

Before talking about those factors that lead us to click to order cakes at home from the comfort of our sofa, one thing must be clear: it is about being happy. The gastronomy, and inside the pastry (in particular the artisan one, which we deal with), are sectors with a long experience in awakening the smile.

What are the reasons that have led more and more pastry chefs to join the delivery trend? These are the same thoughts that drive you: maybe it’s your mother’s or your partner’s birthday? Or do you have to tell your brother, with whom you have not spoken in a long time, that you are thinking about him, that you miss him?

How to ship the cakes home

Well, if you have thought of a service to order cakes online, at this point, you are probably wondering: would the cake home delivery in Ludhiana at my house in perfect condition? This is, without a doubt, one of the main challenges in shipping cakes home.

Imagine if we add to this that you have ordered an ice cream cake and the rider or vehicle that transports it is more than half an hour from the destination. Will it be well preserved or will your sister-in-law, whom you intend to celebrate, get a nasty surprise?

Don’t worry, there are some good solutions. To begin with, you need to know that at MyBakers support and work with artisanal producers every day. Translated, these are companies that guarantee the quality of the product, and they do it also because sending a cake at home assumes that it arrives in perfect condition at the door of your home or that of the people you want to surprise.

A special refrigeration and suitable transport are two essential credential that many artisanal bakeries have already integrated in their list of services, both through their shipments through third parties.

The time factor: cause of the success of the delivery

Have you ever wondered how to send a cake in the mail? Whether it’s sending a birthday cake home, for a popular occasion like a baby shower, or for our in-laws’ anniversary, sending them a cake in 3 tier, 2 tier or any kind of personalized cake can turn out to be a lot easier if we can do it with a click.

By solving the equation, then: full happiness equates to saving time plus a personalized cake for the people you love. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? The question is to choose a platform that respects this scheme 100%.

We work with artisan shops that use suitable means of transport (for conditions and temperature) to distribute cakes in your city.


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