How to Apply Heat Therapy for Your Sciatica Symptoms?

Heat Therapy

The utility of heat to relieve pain is known as heat therapy. Heating pads, heating gel, hot clothes, and a hot water bottle are some choices to use as a tool. This heat therapy is a beneficial treatment for back pain. It promotes health. This therapy is often used to relieve sudden pains. In this article, we will study this therapy for sciatica symptoms.

What Is Sciatica?

Sciatica refers to the pain in the sciatic nerve. This pain affects the lower back to hips, outer thighs and legs. This pain usually affects one part of the body. Spinal stenosis is the major cause of this pain.

The main symptoms that sciatica cause to affected parts are:

  • Inflammation
  • Numbness
  • Weakness
  • Shooting pain
  • Shivering

Sometimes these symptoms can be overcome by simple treatment. However, when it’s severe, it may need surgical treatment.

Let’s talk about how to apply heat therapy and which things should we consider while applying it.

How to Apply Heat Therapy for Sciatica?

Heat therapy will be beneficial if it is applied to the actual affected area by pain or inflammation. Most probably, the lower back and pelvis is the affected area. The origin of the sciatic nerve is in the lower spine. So, the application of heat therapy there will provide rapid recovery. 

Common Methods for Heat Therapy

Following are the methods that are used in heat therapy.

  • The use of a heating pad is very common in heat therapy. We can see its use in almost every home because it is considered as the source of relieving pain.
  • One other method includes the hot electric blanket that you can wrap on the affected areas. Its heating effect is very beneficial and gives a sense of calmness.
  • If you don’t have the heating pad you can fill a bottle with hot water and use it. Moreover, there are other alternatives are available such as heating gel, heat wraps, and Self-adhesive heat patches. You can wear these heat wraps and heat patches under your clothes for the whole day to get relaxation.
  • The infrared radiation through cloths, pads, or mats is one of the innovative methods of providing heat externally.

How Heat Helpful with Sciatica Symptoms?

When you apply heat to the rear pelvis, it will open the blocked blood vessels which help in reaching the essential nutrients to the sciatic nerve. It will activate the body’s natural healing capabilities. Moreover, it will help to relieve pain by reducing muscle tension and inflammation. It also enhances the motion of the lower back part of the body that leads to rapid recovery.

Final Words

Sciatica symptoms can be on a severe level if left untreated. So, if you’re diagnosed with this disease apply the heat therapy described above. It will be beneficial in case of sudden pain. You can get relief by using any of the methods of heat therapy at home. Therefore, don’t ignore your pain especially when you can treat it yourself!

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