How To Apply For An Umrah Visa From The UK?

Umrah Visa

You will have to be issued a visa if you are a U.K. citizen and want to go to Saudi Arabia. A various entry visa is a Saudi Umrah e-Visa. Umrah can be performed anytime in the year but December umrah packages are cheap and easily available.

Processing Times E-visa

The pace you pick on check-out will rely on the waiting time.

  • Standard treatment takes five days to assess and approve the application for e-Visa.
  • The processing of the application will take 3 days to approve.
  • Select the Super Rush option for the quickest processing speed. Within 24 hours, you’ll have the visa.


  1. A finalized application form for the initial Umrah visa. The declaration stated after the application form must be reviewed and signed attentively. If someone has a non-Muslim name, a mosque or Islamic center certificate certifying that the petitioner is a Muslim is required.
  2. The application form should be submitted with a current passport size color picture with a white backdrop. This image should be a complete view, where the candidate for a visa immediately faces the camera. NOT allow side or tilted views.
  3. Airline ticket validated and not reimbursable. The departure should take two weeks from Saudi Arabia from the date of admission.
  4. Although in the advance notice Umrah cannot be carried out without a Mahram, the documented evidence of affiliation with the male relative must be included in the form. The Mahram, for its part, must not forbear and supply in writing all the required information. If she is his wife, a copy of the marriage certificate needs to be provided. When he and his sister are siblings, they must both present their birth certificates.
  5. Language consistency should be remembered. It is recommended that you get the other papers translated before submission when some of the paperwork is in English. Husband/father or a male relative should accompany women or children (Mahram). Relationship evidence is necessary. On the same aeroplane as his spouse and kids, the Mahram must go into and out of Saudi Arabia.
  6. A meningococcal meningitis immunization proof should be included. No more than 3 years and no less than 10 days previous to arrival into Saudi Arabia should have been granted a certificate of immunization, and it should have been eligible. Upon entering Saudi Arabia, the application must receive an immunization certificate.
  7. Visa for Umrah only valid for two weeks. You should take Umrah during these 2 weeks to ensure that the leaving from Saudi Arabia takes place within two weeks after the entering date.
  8. With pre-arranged housing and return tickets, every pilgrim must enter Saudi Arabia; applications for the UK cannot be accepted without these requirements.
  9. The Embassy must file their documentation on the Non-British passport. In addition, it may take up to 15 working days to obtain a visa. Please ensure that the passport is valid for the following six months from your date of the trip if you are filing for the Umrah visa application form. It also has 2 blank pages at a minimum.


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