How Students Should Deal with Negative Thoughts


The mind is the most important part of our body. We might not be able to see it working, but whatever we do is under its control. If we lose control over it, we will lose control over our lives. We all have been through times when we faced several mental disorders.

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Negative Voice and Students

This world is full of miseries. We all have a negative voice inside our head, disturbing our mental peace and damaging our self-esteem. No one is immune to such thoughts as it’s free will. We keep thinking and in the end, we are all on the edge of certain cliffs produced by our mind. However, the whole thinking process that might take you to negative thinking can also become productive if you filter it out positively. You can make smart choices, better decisions and grow more with a positive thought pattern.

However, we can get these benefits from positive thinking, which are usually tangled with dark and gloomy negative thought patterns. We have to combat the negative thoughts that circulate in our mind and trap our happiness. We can often find them in the depths of our subconscious mind. While sometimes, they are right in front of you.

It is not that challenging to control these negative thoughts during the day as we have many distractions. We keep ourselves busy at work, meet the responsibilities of our family and carry out other tasks. But when night arrives, everything gets messed up. If you are not tired enough to catch a quick sound sleep, the troubles caused by overthinking keeps your mind awake and makes you ill. That’s why people say that negative voices are loud in the dark.

It’s the most horrible time one can have as we lose control and our thoughts distort reality. Being perplexed by the things going on in our mind, we have no other option than to sit and watch the horror movie running in our head. We keep getting frightened by the images that we’ve created on our own.

What to Do?

As we said earlier, the mind is powerful. If you are able to control it, your quality of life will get improved itself. Wondering how to take control over those horrible thoughts? Here are some tips that can help you grip the situation:

Prepare Yourself

Being prepared for the forthcoming situations help. It is simple. You start preparing for your exam when the date is around the corner. Similarly, you should start preparing for these negative episodes of life. Buckle up whenever you see that things are going south and you are no longer able to face the consequences. When you prepare for the worst situation possible, it makes you stronger to fight off the thoughts and ideas you don’t want to have. We all are prone to negative thoughts but people who don’t give up and stay prepared for everything in life are the ones that stand out and have the last laugh.

Stop thinking that you are alone. Every next person you see is living with something which does not let him sleep at night. We are all so occupied with negative thoughts that we think there is no good left in this world. It is true that you cannot escape the first triggering thought. But if you let things sweep your peace away, your situation will get even worse. Try to control the next step and don’t let the situation hold you. Instead, try to grip the situation. Being aware of your condition and prepared for the upcoming consequences can help you in understanding and getting the upper hand on your feelings.

Don’t let Fear Fool You

We usually get scared of unusual events that happen in our lives. It’s okay! We all have different fears in life, but have you ever pondered upon how can a man who is brave enough to climb mountains get frightened by a lizard? We see no logic here. That’s why we call fear illogical. It is your mind that is fooling you. When students are afraid of presenting their topic in front of their classmates, it is their minds and inner voice pulling them from performing on stage. The fear of what might happen after our efforts keep our success at bay. Negative thoughts are also a mixture of fear and anxiety.

You should know that a person can be amazingly brave in one aspect of life and illogically fearful in the next one. It proves that fear is just an illusion that does not make any sense. So, don’t let your fear fool or rule your soul and emotions. Be your own leader and don’t fear anything in life as what has happened will happen anyway.


You cannot keep negative feelings out of your life, but you surely can treat them better and give them a shut-up call at the right time. Being a student, you have to face a number of problems throughout your life and the after-effects keep striking your mind for a long time. But if you keep the right practice of dealing with these negative emotions, you will get away with it. So, try to make yourself prepared for the miseries and don’t let fear control your emotions.


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