How much screen door replacement costs 2021

So a screen/display door serves a purpose: to permit air waft via and to behave as a barrier among the interior and exterior environment. Hiring a pro of A1 Window Repair can prove beneficial in terms of satisfactory outcomes with affordable pricing.

Moreover, gates with displays help in the prevention of entering pets and intruders in your house. Now there are several types of them. They are of different materials that distinguish them from others. Also, there are a variety of styles and trends.

It depends on your need and choice when it comes to selection. But we can help you out through this article about the cost estimates of service and installation. So you can manage to replace one within your budget.

Average pricing

In our concept, mentioning the average means the on the level of the nation. So, the average fee of screen door replacement in your area is 300.

Next, comes the quality. The low end has the pricing of approximately 150$. While the high-end product can total 1,500$. It depends on your pocket like how much you can afford.

It necessarily doesn’t mean the low-cost one is low quality. No, they don’t. The only difference is high-end ones are a little more advanced and are trendy looking. That’s it.

All types & their price tag

As we mentioned above, these entryways are of different types. Their kind system based on which material theyconsist of and what function they do. Material wise their prices are;

Sliding entryways

  • Metal- 80$
  • Vinyl- 120$
  • Wood- 210$

Mesh display

  • Aluminum- 0.25$      
  • Fiberglass- 0.35$
  • Bronze- 1.25$
  • Copper- 2.56$
  • Brass- 3.6$

The rate is per square foot.

Sliding fly

Common to their name, these gates help in protecting you from flies and insects. If you live in such a place like near a forest or somewhere else, where that’s a big issue. They will help.

Like mesh one, they also have tight weaves that somehow increase the pricing. Their average price varies from $100 to $250.


Like their name, they give a seamless effect to your gate hence retract the lookup. That’s why there are somehow expensive. Their pricing is in units of $300 to $1,500.

Expenses to replace

This pricing depends on how much damage has done. And how much time it will need. It’s more to labor fee than the actual cost of the shade.

They will charge you for

  • Removal
  • Installation
  • Disposal
  • Frame patch-up

That will eventually come off after add up as $250-$359.

While, the repair fee is quite less than this. they only count for patches. These patches’ prices vary from type to type.

  • Like adhesive/mesh patch: $2.40-$7.8
  • Frame fixing: $50-$100

Installation charges

Most of them can install at between $200. Doesn’t matter how low-end gate you select for yourself, the technician will charge you $50 for the labor fee. Typical home entryways can install in the range of $50 to $150.

Most reputable brands

A1 Window Repair

They offer the following services;

  • Storefront EntranceRestoration
  • Commercial Window
  • Screen Door installation, Restoration
  • Window Overhaul

MANNY’S Windows & Doors

Their area of expertise is;

  • Window/Door Overhaul, Emergency
  • Screen Door Restoration, Emergency          
  • Commercial Window Reparation, Additional

Phantom Screens

  • Motorized retractable options
  • Manual wall units
  • Custom designs
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Licensed installers


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