How a Lemon Law Attorney Can Guide You Through The Process

How a Lemon Law Attorney Can Guide You Through The Process

The process of purchasing a car may be both exhilarating and perplexing. It’s important to be aware of the lemon legislation in your state so you don’t be duped into a pricey car-repair bill down the road. You’ve just purchased a vehicle and it has a wonderful appearance, drives well, and even comes with a guarantee, but with a lemon law attorney, you will be properly guided with how lemon law works.

Soon after, though, you begin to notice some issues with your vehicle and then you return the vehicle to the dealership to get it repaired. Once in a while, everything will work more smoothly, but then the difficulties will arise again.

In what state is the lemon law in effect?

They are intended to give choices for customers who have purchased automobiles (and other items) that do not satisfy quality and performance criteria, among other things.

There’s also a federal lemon law as well as state-specific regulations. You can browse the Better Business Bureau’s summary of lemon laws in each state to get a better understanding of your state’s law.

Requirements under the Lemon Law

It is not always the case that the law applies because there are those cases where troubles with the vehicle arise while the vehicle is still covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee. It does not have to be a warranty on a new vehicle, though. It’s possible that a secondhand automobile came with a warranty that was more restricted.

Federal law requires the following:

  • The maker has attempted unsuccessfully to remedy the same fault “a reasonable number of times” (often three or four times, although this is established by the court) — or you’ve had many problems with the same automobile that render it useless.
  • Repair attempts made during the first one or two years you acquired the automobile.
  • You have been unable to utilize the vehicle for at least 30 days owing to repairs (not necessarily consecutively).

Along with adhering to the federal lemon law’s obligations (and any state-specific lemon statutes), keep the following points in mind:

  • Take your automobile to the dealership for repairs only if you wish to pursue a lemon law claim for a new or used car. If you take it to another mechanic, the manufacturer is not liable for the service performed.
  • Maintain meticulous records of all repairs. If the matter proceeds to court, you will need to demonstrate that the manufacturer had several opportunities to repair your vehicle but was unable to do so. Additionally, you’ll need to demonstrate the length of time your automobile was unavailable to you owing to the difficulties and attempted repairs.
  • Consider retaining the services of an attorney. Automobile manufacturers use teams of attorneys that are experienced in handling lemon law disputes. Having an attorney with knowledge of lemon law on your side might provide you with peace of mind and, perhaps, a better outcome. If you prevail in your lemon law lawsuit, the defendant (often the automobile manufacturer) is required to pay your attorney fees.

Prior to your court appearance

An arbitration provision may be included in the contract you entered when you purchased your automobile. That is, you agree to resolve any disagreements through arbitration, which entails reaching a settlement or agreement rather than going to court.

Certain states require you to use the Better Business Bureau’s Auto Line before filing a lawsuit. In some places, you may be required to employ an arbitrator appointed and paid by the company. In any instance, even if your case does not end up in court, having a knowledgeable lemon law attorney on your behalf is a prudent move.

It is not simple to win a lemon law lawsuit, but it is doable. Educating yourself on the procedure, maintaining meticulous documents, and collaborating with an attorney will offer you the best chance of success.

Obtaining Legal Counsel – Lemon Laws & Automobile Buyer Protections

If you just acquired a car and suspect it may be a “lemon” or that you were a victim of auto dealer fraud during the purchase process, one of the first measures you should do is to contact a local Lemon Law or Auto Dealer Fraud attorney. Automobile purchasers are entitled to a variety of legal safeguards relating to the vehicle’s condition and the techniques employed throughout the purchase process; therefore, having an experienced attorney on your side may assist guarantee that your rights are protected to the maximum degree feasible.

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  • How a Lemon Law Attorney May Assist You

Your lemon law attorney will compile facts and information from you at your initial appointment, examine all elements of your automobile purchase, identify your choices, and explain what to expect. If you decide to pursue a lawsuit on the ground of violations of lemon law or auto dealer fraud, after consulting with a lemon law attorney, such attorney will be representing you throughout the process and will gather evidence that is related to the purchase of your vehicle, conduct legal research, interview witnesses, and will also negotiate with your car dealer and even with the counsel of the opposing team in order to fully protect your legal rights and be able to obtain the most favorable outcome possible.


  • Be Wary of Attorneys Who Charge a Percentage of the Recovery

Keeping this in mind, there are a few reasons why you might want to avoid hiring a certain attorney because you may think that there are certain Lemon law attorneys that charge a portion of your recovery as part of their legal fees, however, this is incorrect because a lemon law attorney should not charge a share of the settlement to their clients. Again, the manufacturer is responsible for paying your legal expenses. If a lawyer requests a share of your recovery, decline and seek representation from a more recognized Lemon Law attorney.


  • Be Wary of Exaggerated Promises

Another lawyer to avoid is the one who begins informing you how much money you can collect for your claim after only two minutes of conversation. No reputable Lemon Lawyer will begin making promises to you until they have properly analyzed your case. This includes obtaining a complete history of your car and compiling all pertinent details about your case before they begin informing you how much they can accomplish for you. A professional Lemon Lawyer’s first purpose should be to correctly examine your claim and to assist you in getting rid of your faulty vehicle and obtaining the necessary compensation as quickly as feasible. Finally, while retaining the services of a California Lemon Law attorney is not required, it is strongly suggested, especially given the fact that it is free.


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