House of terror

House of terror

There are plenty of distressed homes in the United States of America. When we mention distressed property, it does not just mean some work needed to be done to the house. We mean lousy shape properties, some that are even too bad of shape for someone to step foot into. It is a shame that some beautiful houses get to this state. What could cause a place to get to where no one could enter. Also, what does it mean for a home to get into a condition of almost no return? Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Pittsburgh are home to plenty of homes that could defiantly use some work. Usually, the larger the city, the more vacant homes you may find. It all starts with the homeowner; not always are the 100 percent at fault. Some people may acquire these homes in bad shape from a loved one. There are plenty of we buy houses Philadelphia companies who purchase homes that are distressed every week. The same thing with New Jersey this state has plenty of larger cities that have we buy houses new jersey signs posted just about on every corner. Let’s talk about these distressed homes and what people do with them.

What causes these homes to get like this 

You may be wondering what could cause homeowners to have their homes get in this bad of shape. Plenty of things can quickly go wrong with any one of us. We get up there in age, our everyday tasks may get more challenging for us to manage. Once things stop getting done that we usually do, they build up and things go wrong. What if we received a home from the death of a loved one, and we had nothing to do with the way they treated the home. You even find times where the house is just too old, and things are going wrong constantly. Things tend to go wrong with a home, from big to small, as a homeowner. It is straightforward for us to fall behind on maintenance due to repairs. All these things play a factor in the condition of our home.  

Structural problems in a home 

If you have never heard of or seen a distressed property, then you may be a little lost. There are plenty of homes out there currently, no matter where you look, considered distressed. These homes are usually vacant but not all the time. They will have some sort of structural problems with them. For example, bowing in an inside or outside wall, where the wall will start to take an odd shape. It is very noticeable when looking at a wall; it pretty much sticks out like a sore thumb. Other problems you may notice are the shifting of door frames or windows. You will notice that they may look out of shape or shift in a different direction. You can also see in certain homes there being separate from the floor. The wall begins to break apart from the floor because the wall is slowly crumbling. These are all things associated with structural problems in a distressed home. These are all costly things to have repaired. It is why homeowners tend to look for cash buyers instead of selling their homes using a real estate agent.  

Vacant homes 

You may also notice vacant homes in different areas in the United States. You drive down a street and notice a property boarded up with plywood, or the house has broken windows. These types of homes are easy to spot. You will see overgrown grass out front, along with a poorly-conditioned porch. You may find places like this just about anywhere in the country. They could be on any street as well and as many of them as possible. Plenty of old gas stations and businesses exist currently in many rural areas in America.  

The worse of, the worse 

No matter where you go, you may stumble across a property that needs plenty of work and may be too far from repair. What may get done with these homes, and who will buy them. There are many investors out there who will accept just about any home, depending on how bad of shape the property is and if it can be salvaged. There are times when the home may need more work than worse savings. You will see houses getting knocked down sometimes because it has more value or makes sense to knock down and build new ones. It is tough in some areas to just knock down a property. You need to go through zoning hearings and approvals from the site you bought the home. Sometimes knocking it down makes sense in the eyes of the investor. There are plenty of houses that need to be saved so the investor may restructure the home. They will stabilize the house using beams to hold up the saggy part. Then take out any rotted or damaged wood. Then repair it with new pieces like a puzzle. Though this is a costly method, sometimes it is their only option.  



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