Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Drive with Worn-Out Tyres

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Drive with Worn-Out Tyres

Are you a first-time car owner? Besides proper driving style, regular car service is essential to keep your vehicle in top shape. Timely maintenance not only ensures fuel efficiency but also extends the life of your vehicle.

However, when it comes to car maintenance, many drivers forget about tyres. Get high-quality and reliable tires is crucial to your overall safety on the road. Unfortunately, tyres don’t have an extensive lifespan. Depending on your driving style and condition, your tyres will probably last between three to five years. 

Driving with old and damaged tyres may not seem like a big deal, but it can cause your car to swerve or crash. In this post, we’re sharing important reasons you shouldn’t get on the road with worn-down tyres. Take a look. 

Frequent Punctures

Tyres with lower tread depth are vulnerable to frequent punctures. Whether you are headed to work or leaving for a road trip, the last thing you want is a punctured tyre. It can be extremely stressful and time-consuming to change the tyre or wait for assistance.   

Heat Accumulation

When you’re driving, the tyres come in contact with the road, and the friction generates heat. Though tyres are designed to endure high temperatures, this quality is compromised as your tyres wear down. A high level of heat build-up can lead to a blowout and cause accidents. If that’s the case, it’s time to buy tyres


Hydroplaning occurs when the roads are wet, causing your tires to lose their grip. These days, manufacturers design tires with deep grooves to ensure proper grip in wet conditions. That being said, your tyres will wear down over time, making it difficult to drive on wet roads.

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Risk of Blowouts

A sudden blowout can be catastrophic at any speed. Treads play an important role in protecting your tyres from sharp objects or heat build-up, which can lead to blowouts. That’s why you shouldn’t wait to replace bald tyres.

Delayed Braking

Driving on snow is tricky. The icy, slippery roads lack traction, which can make your car swerve. And on top of that, you may lose control of your car because of worn-out tyres. It’s crucial to have wheels with enough grip and traction to drive safely in harsh weather conditions.

Inadequate Air Pressure

With reduced tread depth, your tyres also become prone to losing air pressure faster than a set of brand new tyres. Underinflated tyres are susceptible to tread separation and bursting. Moreover, a lack of adequate air pressure can also cause your vehicle to skid.

Legal Compliance

Driving with bald tyres is not only unsafe but also illegal. If the tread depth of your tyres falls below the legal limit, you can expect to pay a hefty fine. Worn-out tyres not only put your safety in jeopardy but also pose a risk to other motorists. Therefore, you should replace your tyres to ensure compliance with tyre safety rules.

Expensive Repairs

We understand that replacing your tyres is not a cheap expense. However, worn-out tyres can cause much more extensive damage to the rest of your vehicle. And this can lead to even higher repair and maintenance costs. The longer you wait, the more expensive the repairs will be. Also, you’re not just risking your car but also your personal safety. 

Final Words

We urge you to inspect your tires every four weeks. If you are headed on a long journey, it’s a good idea to get your tyres checked to avoid unexpected breakdowns. 

Your safety, as well as comfortable driving experience, rely on the health of your tyres. If they are old or damaged, it’s time to get a new set to improve the fuel economy and performance of your car.


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