Guess Watch: The Ultimate Fashion Timepiece

Guess is a popular fashion brand, indeed. Ranging from apparel to accessories, it has penetrated more than eighty countries successfully. Though the brand doesn’t focus solely on watches, they nevertheless produce quality designer timepieces. As such, you can expect that you will get a good-quality watch upon purchase.

Manufactured and distributed by Sequel AG, a subsidiary of the Timex Group, the watches are ever-evolving and improving, not only in design but also in engineering. Despite being a fairly new brand in the field of watchmaking, some good points might make you buy your Guess watch today. Learn about them on this page!

When did Guess start making watches?

They started manufacturing timepieces in 1984 with Callanen International of the Timex Group. Later on, in 2005, Guess planned to sign a ten-year agreement with Fossil for the transfer of manufacturing rights, but the plan didn’t succeed. Callanen International continued working with Guess, but it was taken over by Sequel AG, which is, similarly, a subsidiary of the Timex Group.

Guess watches are always in vogue.

If you pay much attention to style and fashion, you would definitely find a Guess timepiece a worthwhile purchase. As a top brand, it has a wide influence in the aspect of making trends. With its partnership with Swarovski, expect to get sophisticated and quality products to be worn on your wrists.

Some of these exquisite timepieces are Guess Swarovski Crystal Watches for both men and women. With over 200 pieces of Swarovski crystals, coupled with the brilliant design, color, and functionality of the watches, you would definitely find spending 300 or so dollars worth the price.

Fine craftsmanship makes Guess watches a great investment.

Shiojiri, a subsidiary of Seiko, makes the Japanese quartz movements that are integrated with the timepieces. Considering the standard artistry in them, they are reasonably priced and sold. You would want to buy a watch that will last over the years, and a Guess timepiece exactly meets this criterion.

Guess watches for men

As you can expect from a famous fashion brand, it has sold numerous watches because of their exquisite design. A popular choice is the Coffee Case Brown Genuine Leather/Silicone Watch. It exhibits a multifunction blue dial together with a sunray finish. It is barrel-shaped, has a coffee tone for its case, and its strap is made of leather with silicone backing.

Another timepiece model is the Blue Case Blue Silicone Watch. Featuring a 45mm polycarbonate case, this digital watch touched with gold and blue colors is the perfect piece for a casual outfit. What really makes these two watches definitely worth spending bucks for is that you can don a designer brand for only 90 to 180 dollars on an estimate.

Guess watches for women

Of course, there are suitable sophisticated timepieces for women. One model is the Rose Gold Tone Case Rose Gold Tone Stainless Steel Watch, which exudes a vintage vibe with a modern touch. With the color of rose gold paired with the embedded crystals, you can achieve a vintage, yet fashionable and trendy look with this one on your wrist.

Other models also feature a blush-colored metal, which suits women due to its feminine vibe. Perhaps, this color is definitely not missing from your collection, and it’s time to get one now if you still haven’t yet. From the variety of embellishments, designs, shapes, and other attributes, you can achieve your goals in fashion with these Guess watches.

Where can I buy a Guess timepiece?

You can go to a lot of physical stores in different countries, and the popularity of this brand made it easier to find. It’s a given that you might not have the time to do so, or you are staying at home because of the modern pandemic. Actually, there’s no need to go through all that trouble. Visiting online shops, such as, is all you have to do. Get yours now!

How do I know if a Guess watch is authentic?

Counterfeits are pretty common, especially for famous brands. As advised, buy from legitimate distributors and physical stores of the brand. If you doubt the authenticity of a particular timepiece, you can check if they are indeed real by checking the things below. 

  • It should feature an evenly-spaced, neat, and sharp-edged engraving at the back.
  • Check any paperwork included and see if the model number matches.
  • Check for grammar, spelling, and typographical errors on the paperwork.
  • Look at the logo and spot inconsistencies compared to the official brand’s logo.


Guess might not be your timepiece if you particularly scrutinize the engineering of the watches. Nonetheless, they are of standard quality and definitely worth buying. Enhancing your fashion is easy to achieve with a Guess watch on your wrist. Visit and get yours! 


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