Gold vs Diamond: which is more in demand in 2021?

Gold VS Diamond

Gold or Diamond: this has always been the debate among most people.

Some prefer the yellow bling and others the sparkle, while some want the best of both worlds in the form of a perfect combo.

Over the years the demand for gold and diamond in the market has changed a lot, as their prices rise and fall with the stocks each year.

2020 saw the jewellery market crashing just like the others and 2021 is the time everyone is trying to rise from the dust.

So in terms of jewellery shopping, which one is more in demand this year: gold or diamond? Let’s find out so you can make informed decisions for yourself.

The need for Gold

People worldwide lost a lot of money last year owing to the pandemic situation which still hasn’t resolved. So almost everyone is looking to get their savings back and be able to invest in something that will ensure return.

Keeping this in mind, 2021 has seen a lot of demand for gold.

  • Apart from being just a pretty piece of jewellery, people buy gold because it a great source of investment.
  • The prices of gold change regularly depending on the stocks, but since the asset is in your hands, you can choose to sell it or mortgage it only when you think the time is right. There is always opportunity to get a good return on gold investment.
  • Many people buy gold bullions, coins or smaller biscuits instead of making jewellery out of it.
  • This saves on the making charges and still leaves you with a chunk of gold to use purely as an investment.
  • So gold serves both the purposes. If you don’t want to buy jewellery, you can still buy gold.

The lust for Diamonds

When it comes to diamonds, people rarely think of it as an investment. They are aesthetically pleasing and the most coveted gemstones of all. Everyone wants a hatton garden engagement ring.

But 2021 has had us all thinking about more than just appearances and dressing-up. Diamonds are not exactly known for their return value. No, we are not saying that you get nothing in return, but the return cannot really be counted on.

The re-sale value of diamonds depends on its making, rarity, grade and certification; basically all the 4C’s. So you can never be too sure of the price that you’ll get for your diamonds, and whether it is justified, unlike gold, which has a common price for the day.

This makes it a little risky and there is no guarantee. Having said that, they look undeniably tempting which makes one want to have them despite the risk.

And the winner is,

So the verdict is that the demand for gold is definitely most, especially in these pandemic times.

Plus since there are no events or social functions and gatherings happening, most people don’t see a point in spending on jewellery items as they’ll simply be stocked at home without much use, instead buying gold as aesthetically unusable items is much more beneficial given the trying times.

Both have their sets of pros and cons, but there is an obvious profit when it comes to gold, and of course it looks good too.

So 2021 might be a really good time for you to buy a little gold for yourself as well. Also, if you’re looking for diamonds, do check out the Lab grown diamonds hatton garden.


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