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Your hair says a lot about your personal style and overall taste. Like a lot of elements of personal style, your hair can be as complex or as simple as you want it to be. You can choose to go with a simple wash and wear or make use of careful layering and dyes to get a particular look. Your choice from simple to involved hair says something about you.

When you are comparing salons it’s important to consider what each focuses on because every salon has its own unique approach to hair. Some shops focus on using specific types of products such as organic haircare, others provide more modern styles, and some are highly skilled in working on specific types and textures of hair. If you have a specific need concerning your hair be sure to look for a salon that can successfully provide it. Here are four salons and what they offer potential clients.

Four Salons And What Each Offers

1. Spaghetti Frisør

Spaghetti Frisør is located on Bogstadveien in Oslo and is focused on providing amazing haircuts. As experts in the field, they offer not only haircuts but color treatments, hair extensions, and other haircare needs. Uniquely, they also assist with hair loss by providing hair parts that help cover areas where hair has thinned without making permanent changes to your scalp. This is accomplished by gluing the part (which is made out of real human hair) to the area where it is needed. These hair replacements can last up to 12 weeks with care and don’t require invasive surgery.

2. House of Hair and Beauty

Located just north of Copenhagen in Kongens Lyngby House of Hair and Beauty has been offering its customers the best in salon care for several years. They offer several of the most important haircare needs, including cuts, trims, dyes, curling, and hair pinning. They also focus on providing an individual experience. When you visit this salon, there are more than a number that seek to provide haircare services that fit your specific wants, needs, and goals for your overall appearance. They also have other services, such as skin care, massages, and care for your eyebrows and eyelashes to further improve your appearance.

3. SandvikDomeij

Located in Stockholm, Sweden SandvikDomeij strives to provide its customers with customized hairstyles that fit their personal style and complement their appearance. Before they cut a single hair they talk with you about how you want your hair to look and go over options. The style and color of your hair are supposed to complement your face and they go over various options before you make a final informed choice. They offer a range of services, from full hair treatment to quick touchups.

4. Hair Cuttery

With over 500 locations found in the Midwest and along the east coast of the United States, Hair Cuttery is the largest private salon chain in the nation. They strive to provide top-tier customer service as the cornerstone of their haircare services. The focus is on making connections between stylists and customers to provide better service and a greater understanding of what type of hairstyle works for customers on an individual level.

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Final Thoughts

Your haircut is an important part of your appearance and a dull haircut that does not reflect your personal sense of style can negatively impact your self-image and overall confidence. However, sometimes you need expert advice to find a haircut that works for you. A well-run salon can help you in this goal as they take the time to speak with you, understand your goals for your hair, and offer professional advice to help you make an informed choice on your haircut.


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