Factors About Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

laser cutting machine

What is a fiber laser cutter? And how does it apply to fiber laser cutting machines? Let’s dive into it.

Fiber Laser cutting machine: beam releaser, which will then be removed from the laser generator, aims to make the laser beam with a higher power density through its optical system.

The laser beam strikes the surface of the workpiece so that the workpiece reaches melting or sinking while the surface gas rests on the shaft removing molten metal or vaporized. With the beam’s movement and the work surface’s equal area, the material is finally cut and split to fulfill the cutting purpose.

Laser cutting is used to replace the old mechanical knife with invisible poles. It showed high order, fast cutting, unlimited cutting pattern reduction, automatic typesetting saving material, smooth incision, and low adjustment cost.

Besides, laser cutting also has the following advantages:

The fiber laser cutting machine gradually improves or replaces traditional metal cutting process techniques.

  • The mechanic part of the laser cutter does not touch the workpiece and will not click on the workpiece at work.
  • The laser cutting speed is fast, the incision is smooth, and there is no need for subsequent adjustment.
  • The cutting temperature affected the small area, the deformation of the small plate, and the thin section (0.1mm ~ 0.3mm).
  • No mechanical stress, no shear burr.
  • High machining order, good repetition, no damage to anything high.
  • Numerical control programming can optimize any flight graph.
  • It can cut a large piece of the whole dish without opening the mold and saving time.

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Working Principle

Laser cutting uses a releaser as a heat cutting tool; its operation is similar to laser welding.

The temperature of the laser cutting is more than 11000 , which would have done anything gasification, so gasification also plays a vital role in increasing the melting during laser cutting.

The laser cutting process of other materials, such as carbon and other ceramics, is the gasification process. The laser cutting metal usually takes a high-power carbon dioxide continuous laser generator.

The cutting laser has a narrow incision, precise size, smooth surface, and better cutting type than any other cutting method. While cutting, spray the inert gas flow, blow the incision of the molten metal, and make the incision smooth and straight. The jet of oxygen flowing will increase the cutting speed.

Most metal products can be cut by laser; the cutting thickness varies from a few microns to a sheet of 50 mm.

The parameter of the laser beam, the performance, and the order of the laser cutting machine and NC system will directly affect the performance and quality of the cutting laser.

Fiber Laser Cutter Structure

The major elements of the fiber laser cutter machine are these, control system, laser generator, laser cutting head, chiller, regulator, and so on.

Many of the above components have their format or operating instructions; the main machine, shape, and design of the electronic control system will be described here.

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Machine host section:

The machine handles part of the laser cutting machine is the essential part of the laser cutting machine.

  • The guest section does the cutting and cutting work.
  • The admission component includes six sections:

Bed, laser, gantry component, Z-axis device, auxiliary parts for work table (protection cover, air, and water station), utility pan.

Electrical control component:

The electronic control system of the laser cutting machine is the main component of detecting different image trajectories. Typically, the electrical control system comprises several control systems and a low voltage electrical system.

The fiber laser cutting machine is always equipped with the CYPCUT operation program, which is based on WINDOWS operating platform, including a 32-bit microprocessor and Ethernet communication interface. The system has shown rapid interpretation of speed performance, easy operation, good dynamic performance, and transport capacity.

The control component of the low-voltage electrical system is located in the power supply cabinet, which integrates the control part of the power supply. The components of the electronic element take the world-famous brand to ensure stable speed and reasonable response.

The car’s driver is an AC servo motor used to drive an X-axis gantry and Y-axis skateboard laser cutter. It is characterized by good accelerated performance and quick response.

The maximum pressing speed is up to 50m / min.

The Z-axis of the laser cutting machine is the feed axis, which uses an AC servo motor for driving.

The Z-axis cutting head, characterized by an excellent dynamic response, can be controlled by servo and NC control.

Laser Cutting Machine Security

Safety is essential for everyone who works. It is to save lives. This post focuses on laser protection notification, electronic security, laser cutting machine protection measures, and standard information that users should know.


  1. A) Appoint security guards to check their reference terms and conduct maintenance procedures and security education for laser processing operators.
  1. B) Describe the laser protection management area in the door control area to create a warning card, including laser repair machine power, laser type, prevent outside access, pay attention to eye protection and keep the name manager.
  1. C) The operator of the laser repair machine should be trained intensively at one level and perform operations under consistent management conditions.



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