Everything You Should Know About Embedded Systems

As the demand for more efficient and high-performance computers elevates, the dimensions of the form components that contain them continue to reduce. For several centuries, computer engineers have been challenged to incorporate the increasingly powerful onto increasingly smaller PCBs and chassis. This need mainly focuses on satisfying the growing demand for size-conscious, cost-effective, energy-efficient, and more reliable computer systems. Thus, this is why massive worldwide developments in embedded systems exist. 

What is an Embedded System? Embedded systems include small-form-factor computers that execute specific tasks. They may be found as a part of a more extensive system or standalone. Embedded systems are usually used in applications with cost, power, size, and weight constraints. Also, they involve a combination of software and hardware.

Main Factors Differentiating Between a Typical Workstation and an Embedded System

  • Human involvement
  • Design
  • Purpose
  • Cost

Types of Embedded Systems 

Embedded systems can be classified based on the performance of microcontrollers or performance and functional requirements. 

  • Performance and Functional Requirements

Real-Time Embedded Systems 

These include systems that provide outputs or results promptly. Priority is focused on output generation speed since real-time embedded systems are usually utilized in mission-critical sectors. These sectors include aerospace and defense. This system is further categorized into hard-real-time and soft-real-time embedded systems. 

Standalone Embedded System

This type of system does not necessarily require a host computer to function. The systems can produce outputs independently. Some examples of this system include MP3 players, calculators, digital cameras, and temperature-measuring systems. Most embedded systems operate as an integral part of a more extensive system, not as a standalone. 

Network Embedded Systems

Also known as networked embedded systems, these systems depend on wireless or wired networks and communication with their web servers. Some common examples include automated teller machines and office and home security systems. For instance, office and home security systems consist of cameras, sensors, and alarms that help collect information about a specific location.

Mobile Embedded Systems

This includes some specifically small and portable embedded devices like calculators, laptops, and cell phones. While there might be a notable overlap between a mobile and a standalone embedded system, they are different. All mobile embedded systems are standalone, but not all standalone embedded systems are mobile embedded systems.

  • Performance of Microcontrollers

This involves three categories which include: 

  • Sophisticated embedded systems
  • Small-Scale Embedded Systems
  • Medium embedded systems

Benefits Your Organization Will Enjoy from Using Embedded Systems 

  • Reduced human involvement
  • Reduced overall maintenance
  • Dedicated to task completion
  • Smaller size and weight
  • Reduced power consumption
  • More resistant to debris and dust particles
  • Lower cost
  • Lower failure rate and less noise 
  • Guarantees uninterrupted operation
  • High degree of fault tolerance

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