Ethan Torchio: What Happened to Victoria De Angelis mum?

Ethan Torchio

We know that Victoria de Angelis is single, but what happened to her mum? She is half Danish, and her social media accounts are filled with pictures of her family, friends, and more. Ethan Torchio is very religious and is interested in fashion, current trends, and music. She is also a big fan of various artists and musicians. However, she has kept her personal life private.

Victoria De Angelis

We don’t know what happened to Victoria de Angelis’ mother or father. He lives with his family as the human embodiment of the island god Rhu. The responsibilities that come with this position cause him to feel very lonely and restricted. He is afraid that he is losing his life and relationship with Victoria. His nightmares begin after he begins hearing about the new academic who has been stalking his mother.

While living as the human embodiment of the island god Rhu, Ethan Torchio faces many obstacles in his life. His isolation and restrictions are often enough to drive him insane, but he still dreams of a better life. His fears and desires lead him to start having nightmares about this new academic. Eventually, he manages to escape his new environment and join Maneskin.

Italian-Danish Bassist

Ethan Torchio is an Italian-Danish bassist. He was a member of the band Maneskin. He was a drummer in the band Maneskin. In 2021, she won the Sanremo Music Festival and the Eurovision Song Contest. Ethan Torchio is married to guitarist Thomas Raggi. She is 40 years old. She has a younger sister, Veronica.

Ethan Torchio is an Italian-American rock star. He was born on April 28, 2000, and was raised by his parents. Ethan Torchio was a member of Maneskin for nine years. He is the son of Louis and Elizabeth DeAngelis, who were both musicians. He was also a part of a band called Maneskin, which started in 2016 and has nine members.

Popular Band Maneskin

Aside from the rock band Maneskin, Ethan Torchio is an Italian bass player. He is also a member of the popular band Maneskin. His mother, Jeanett De Angelis, is a famous Danish personality. Her daughter has a Danish nationality and is an ethnic Italian. The group’s members are referred to as Danes.

The mother of Ethan Torchio is a famous celebrity in the rock world. She is the mother of popular singer-songwriter Ethan Torchio and bassist Victoria Ross. She has nine siblings, three of whom are in the band. Her eldest sister is 41 years old, and she was also born to a wealthy Italian family. Despite having nine siblings, she has an Italian mother, and her father is an entrepreneur.

Mystery of Mother’s

‘What happened to Victoria de Angelis’ mum? Ethan Torchio happened to her mother? ‘What did her mother do to become a rock star?’ The mystery of her mother’s past is revealed as the protagonist’s journey through the world. She was born in Rome, where her parents had a love affair. She married an Italian named Jeanett and the two subsequently formed the band Mneskin.

‘What happened to Victoria de Angelis’ mum? Is she dating Ethan Torchio? ‘What happened to Victoria de Angelis mum?’ – Ethan Torchio did Victoria de Angelis’ mum look like? What did she do? Does she have children? Is she a successful artist? ‘What happened to Victoria deAngelis’ mum?


After the death of his mother, Ethan and Marina go on tour in support of their band. The three members of Maneskin have a great relationship with each other, but their families are different. In Italy, Damiano’s mum died at a young age. In the comics, she had a good friend who acted as his mother. Their friendship is a real-life tragedy, and the three of them are best friends.



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