Gojek Clone – Earn Hefty Revenues Launching 70+ On-Demand Multiservice Business

Gojek Clone

What is Gojek App? Now suddenly every other entrepreneur is interested in knowing about this app. So, let’s explore why there is so much buzz about this Super App.

Let’s explore with the Gojek Application.

Brief About Gojek Application

Gojek is an On-Demand Multiservice App launched in Indonesia and later on expanded to the majority of the Asian countries.

Gojek App started with just ride-hailing services, offering rides to the users at an affordable price. Later on, the demand gradually increased thus, they introduced On-Demand Delivery Services, connecting service providers/merchants with the user on a single platform.

Gojek Clone App is inspired from the original Gojek App.

Gojek Clone Script has similar features and functionalities allowing the entrepreneurs to alter as per the changing requirements of the customers.  The clone app offers 70+ On-Demand Multiservices with seamless navigations under one app.

Boost Sales By Integrating GoJek Clone App With On-demand Services

Following are high-demand services that are to must-have in your Gojek Clone App

Ride-Hailing Taxi App Services

Ride-hailing services are forecasted an enormous grow in the coming years. The pandemic might have halted the businesses across the globe, but not the taxi booking services. People fearing to travel using public transportation hence, prefer taking a cab.

Integrate Taxi booking services that also allow you to provide Airport shuttle services, Car-pooling, Corporate rides, Taxi Rentals.

On-demand Delivery Services

During the Pandemic, citizens were forced to stay indoors. With no option left other than just ordering daily essentials using the app. The comfort and convenience that Gojek Clone App brought were unmatchable.

You can provide various on-demand deliveries like Food, Groceries, Wine, Medicines, Water-bottle, Gifts & Flowers, Office supplies, etc.

Delivery Services

Integrating services that are high in demand. This includes

  • House cleaning services
  • Beautician / Massage therapists
  • Baby-sitting services
  • Handyman services
  • Tutors
  • Electricians, plumbers, painting, etc.
  • Dog walkers
  • Laundry services and more

Gojek Clone Monetization Strategies To Earn Hefty Revenue

Launching Gojek Clone App with the right monetization strategies can boost your business immediately.

To generate instant revenue from Gojek Clone App will require having the features that are high in demand.

While buying Gojek Clone Script Solution consider the following revenue strategies like:

  • Are you offering Gojek Clone App services for free? Keep aside few features making its premium class. The customers can avail themselves of those when they have subscribed to your app.
  • Offering Membership fees at a small fee will widen your customer reach
  • 3rd party ad banners are revenue boosters bringing hefty cash flow to your business.
  • Charging commission on every confirmed order, cancellation, as well as charging commission from service provides/merchants/delivery drivers.
  • For every confirmed order, cancellation, deliveries you can charge a set commission. Also, the app feature allows you to modify the commission rates accordingly.

In Conclusion

Hiring a reputed app development company can be the best idea. The company has years of experience to boast of with more than 1000+ App launches in the App Store/Play Store.

The App development team will guide you through the technicalities details and answer to your queries to get you the Best Gojek Clone App.

The reason to collaborate with On Demand App Development Company is it is not only passionate about its work but regularly participates in CSR activities.

The company donated an X-ray lead partition and Digital X-ray Cassette to Jivdaya Charitable Trust.


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