DOCSIS Proactive Network Maintenance (PNM)

DOCSIS Proactive Network Maintenance (PNM)

DOCSIS Proactive Network Maintenance (PNM) is a feature of the Cable Modem that was built on pre-equalization. Pre-Equalization, or “pre EQ” for short allows companies to improve their networks with new technology and DOCSIS standards 1.1 & 2+. This means your modem will have tapsdelay RF frequency units called Taps where each one delays signal strength by just enough so they won’t interfere when you’re using higher speed internet connections but not slow ones like DSL modems which don’t offer any sort of active network management capabilities at all!

  • PNM is a proactive approach to ensuring that cable operator plant maintenance needs are met.
  • PNM uses cable modems and CMTS as test probes
  • PNM locates up- and downstream impairments
  • PNM identifies any problems before it has an opportunity to impact customers.

DOCSIS Pre-Equalization

The addition of pre-equalization to DOCSIS cable modems is an important development that allows for more flexible and accurate tuning than was possible before. This new feature in particular has allowed these devices to provide their users with a better overall experience by offering them access not just at one channel but many channels all within range, without distortion or interference from other sources (devices).

At first, the CMTS had only limited capabilities when it came to understanding what was going on inside of a cable modem. However with pre-equalizers in place and able measure signal quality before transmitters were introduced into this equation; things changed drastically! With Upstream Impediments present such as Frequency Ripple or Tilt, the modulator needs information about how best to handle its output so they can overcome these impairments by pre distorting them themselves rather than relying solely upon transmitted data which could potentially become garbled due lackimble clarity. The CMTS would then instruct the cable modem to make corrections in its pre-equalizer.

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How Does Docsis PNM Work?

It’s probably better for DOCSIS PNM experts Axiros to explain this rather than us…

  • Frequent and continuous data collection from CMTS and modems via SNMP 
  • Frequent monitoring of modems in target
  • Analysis of distortion signatures
  • Issue evaluation and classification
  • Calculations of distances to reflection points
  • Plot modems on a map — visual representations of known issues.

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Why is PNM important?

In the modern world, almost everything and everyone relies on some type of internet connection. Whether wired or wireless is up for debate but one thing that isn’t debatable anymore; without an active internet presence your business will suffer. And with how many people rely heavily from their connected devices it just makes sense to have proactive network maintenance systems in place so you can stay ahead during this ever changing technology era while still staying profitable.

What Are The Advantages Of DOCSIS PNM?

PNM provides an easy way to identify which cable modem has been affected by RF impairments. They do this through their sophisticated geo-location system that identifies the location of each customer’s Internet service, and then determines if they’re indoors or out on plant property with pinpoint accuracy!

The advances in networking have made it possible for technicians to pinpoint the location of cable system impairments with greater ease. The quality-of service offering is improved through advancements that ensure subscribers receive only high performing equipment and services, catching intermittent issues prior they become serious problems


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