CoolMoviez: Best Alternatives & Similar Websites

CoolMoviez: Best Alternatives & Similar Websites

CoolMoviez: Best Alternatives & Similar Sites is a website that categorizes, downloads, and shares movies online. It is one of the best online references for finding the latest movie releases. All you have to do is type your favorite movie in the search box on the home page, and you will be given a list of related websites. You can also view popular movie trailers of the most recent movies. CoolMoviez categorizes movies into different sections like action, comedy, drama, horror, thriller, and action. You can also create your movie list from the categories given.

Thousands of Different Websites

CoolMoviez brings together thousands of different websites that offer free movie downloads. Categories are customized according to the kind of movie you are searching for. For example, if you want to download some action movies, you can search for action, thriller, action, superhero, and horror movies. These websites also allow you to download either a new release or old releases of popular movies. The selection is so huge that you will not have any problems finding a movie you like.

Membership Fees

The membership fees at CoolMoviez are very affordable and accessible. You pay once and get unlimited access to their database of movie websites. In addition, members get special features and other benefits. Members of CoolMoviez also have the opportunity to share their personal experiences and recommend other sites on the CoolMoviez forum. CoolMoviez is a community of fans. Join the forum and interact with other members. Browse for movie topics and upload your movie clip. Send movie clips and feedback to the other members. This way, you can learn about new movie topics and share your experience with others.


Best Choices & Similar Sites contains some of the most famous Japanese animation movies. If your favorite Japanese cartoon character is one of the main characters, you can watch their videos online. That is very helpful if you want to re-watch an episode that you missed or find other video clips that you loved from a specific anime series. For fans, this is a great way to collect and store their favorite clips from Japanese animation movies.

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There are also a few choices for video clips at Collimation. The site includes only a few well-animated movies. These are not available in all languages. However, there is no problem downloading the videos you want. You can view the English subtitles on the videos as well.

Watch Free Video Clips

To enjoy the service at Collimation, you must be a member. To become a member, you can pay a one-time fee or become a free member. Free members can only view video clips that are available for free on the site. Members who want to view more high-quality clips will have to pay a monthly fee. In addition to watching free video clips, members can also upload their video clips to the site. They can share these clips with other members so they can view them as well.

Last Thought:

While most of the video clips on these sites are from Japanese anime series, you can also find other genres of anime series. Most of these sites are focused on Japanese anime series. Some other anime series are also available, but Collimation seems to have the most anime series listings. You can choose from several premium anime series that includes Naruto, Evangelion, Bleach, and Lucky Star. If you love Japanese animation and wish to enjoy it in your home with the TV show sitting on your kitchen table, these sites are a great option.


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