Buying Bulk Paper Towels For Your Business

bulk paper towels

If you own a business, you should consider buying bulk paper towels. They are convenient and can save you money. Many people turn to wholesalers to purchase large quantities, since normal retailers do not stock large amounts. Without towels, a business will end up with a messy and unsanitary environment, which will reflect poorly on its customers. Having a large supply of towels on hand will give you peace of mind, and will allow you to avoid constant re-purchases.

Hardwound paper towels

If you’re looking to stock up on paper towels, hardwound paper towels in bulk are a great option. These rolls of paper are perfect for public restrooms and fit perfectly into matching dispensers. They come in a variety of sizes and styles, including those that feature a center pull for easy grabs. Other options include C-shaped towels and multifold paper towels.

Purchasing hardwound paper towels in bulk is also an environmentally friendly option. Hardwound paper towels are produced with a chlorine-free process, which helps reduce the amount of chemicals used during the manufacturing process. If you’re buying these towels for public areas, such as restrooms, break rooms, and reception areas, you can feel confident that they will provide a clean and safe environment.

These sturdy paper towels are ideal for cleaning a wide range of surfaces. From simple wiping chores to scrubbing larger spills, hardwound paper towels are a great choice for any cleaning task. Soft-surfaced bulk napkins are also available, which can be scented or unscented for added fragrance.

Tork perforated paper towels

Tork perforated bulk paper towels are a great choice for everyday wiping tasks. They’re strong yet soft, and they’re perfect for all surfaces. They’re also compostable and are made of two-ply paper so you won’t be left with a mess.

Perforated bulk paper towels are ideal for cleaning and can help reduce waste. They’re two-ply and made of 100% recycled fibers. Moreover, these towels are EcoLogo-certified, which means that they have at least ninety percent post-consumer content.

Everspring multifold paper towels

Everspring multifold paper towels are an environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional kind of paper towels. They’re made from recycled paper and come in bulk packs of eight. Moreover, they have no added fragrances or dyes. They are also 20 percent cheaper than comparable brands. The company’s marketing efforts also include a green label, which highlights the products’ ingredients and environmental benefits.

Brawny Tear-A-Square paper towels

The strength and dependability of Brawny Tear-A-square bulk paper towels is unmatched. With three different sheet sizes on each roll, they’re perfect for small spills, meal prep, and clean-up jobs. Plus, they last longer than most other paper towels.

Tear-A-Square paper towels are available in quarter, half, and full sheet sizes. Each roll has 120 sheets of 2-ply paper that makes it ideal for quick cleanups. They’re also 100% compostable, so you’ll never have to worry about them wasting away.

Everspring Select-A-Size paper towels

Everspring is a line of household cleaning products, including paper towels, laundry detergent and candles, made from natural fibers and biological materials. The line has been in development for more than a year.

Presto! paper towels

If you’re looking for bulk paper towels, Presto! offers extra-large rolls that can hold more sheets than other brands. They also have a 2-ply absorbency, making them ideal for bigger messes. If you’re in the market for a new bulk paper towel roll, you’ll find great deals on Presto! on Alibaba.

These bulk paper towels will last a long time. Some models feature a handy tear off feature that allows you to reuse half a sheet. These high-quality paper towels are durable and absorbent, which will reduce your need for mopping. They also come in large rolls that last longer than average.

You’ll love the price of these rolls, and they’re also good for the environment. They’re made with pulp from sustainably-managed forests. Unlike many other bulk paper towels, Presto! bulk paper towels can be reordered in the event you run out. They’re ideal for a variety of different applications, too.

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Multifold paper towels

Multifold paper towels are an excellent alternative to roll paper towels. They are available in different colors and textures, and they can be folded several times. This type of towel is great for scrubbing, cleaning up spills, and rinsing hands. They are usually less expensive than rolled paper towels.

The multifold design allows for a more comfortable hand feel, improved strength and more absorbency. The towel is also eco-friendly, as it’s made from recycled material. It meets or exceeds EPA guidelines and features eco-friendly packaging. In addition, multifold towels are an excellent option for high-traffic areas.

Multifold paper towels are also an environmentally friendly choice. One hundred percent recycled, these towels are durable and absorbent, allowing you to use fewer sheets per task. They also help keep your office clean by preventing bacteria and odors from spreading throughout your office.


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