Butterfly Tattoo Ideas to Consider

Butterfly Tattoo

Butterfly Tattoo


Butterflies are beautiful and delicate, and they complement many body parts when drawn as butterfly tattoos on our bodies. They come in different designs and colors, and you can have them drawn on other body parts. 

The other advantage of choosing these tattoos is that you can easily personalize them and create unique designs that match your personality. If you search for the best butterfly tattoo design to try next, we have some ideas for you. Take a look. 

  • Knee Butterfly Tattoo

Any circular bones on your body, like the knee, will look great with a butterfly tattoo. You can choose a design among the many available. The different shapes play around with the shape of your bone perfectly. 

  • Minimalist Butterfly Tattoos

The advantage of getting butterfly tattoos is that you can draw them in the sizes of your choice. If you want the tattoo big and full, you need the perfect artist to bring your idea out. Alternatively, you can choose small butterfly tattoos that fit many body parts like the ankle, wrist, and neck. 

Butterfly Tattoo


  • Playful Butterfly

You probably have seen your friends with small butterfly tattoos flying behind their ears. According to Glaminati, tattoos have a sense of playfulness. However, people will not see them until you pull your hair back or stand at a certain angle. 

  • Line Art

Butterfly tattoos can be done in many designs, like the line arts. The artist draws the wings adding more lines and decorative colors to make the piece of art-pop more. However, ensure there are not many shapes used if you want your tattoo to remain simple. 

  • Dynamic Butterflies

If you fancy different colors and designs, ask for that from your artist. They will make the butterfly tattoo subtle and increase the aesthetics by painting it in different colors. Some of the subtle shades you can use are white, red, or black. 

  • Shoulder Butterflies

Another commonplace to have your butterfly tattoo is on the shoulders. There is plenty of space for a small butterfly tattoo, so you can choose any size and shape you fancy. You can also add more details on the extra space. 

  • Arm Butterfly

If you want to show the entire world your butterfly tattoo, get it on your arm. Ask the artist to draw the beautiful butterflies flying upwards. Depending on what you want and how much space you want the tattoo to occupy, you can get two or three butterflies. 

  • Red Butterflies

Although most people like their butterfly tattoos minimal, it is not a rule of thumb. You can get a perfect design for red butterflies on the wrist or shoulders. The ink adds design and visuals. 

  • Small Butterflies

If you do not like the big butterflies, a small butterfly on your wrist will do. You can let it remain black or choose another excellent color. A light color is a good choice because the tattoo looks weightless and delicate, just like the real butterfly. 

Butterfly Tattoo


  • Geometric Butterfly Tattoos

Geometric designs on butterfly tattoos make the piece of art-pop best. The artist adds straight and sharp lines that do not tamper with the insect’s look. 

  • Natural Butterfly

You can combine different butterfly tattoo ideas to create a unique piece of art. Some of the combinations people ask for are flowers to make the tattoo look feminine and beautiful. 

  • Thick Butterfly

You can also make your butterfly have thick wings and a fat abdomen. This is done by the artist when drawing. They also add rich and bright colors to bring all the parts out and make the butterfly pop. 

  • Pastel Butterfly

There are many butterfly tattoo ideas to try. The pastel butterfly gives a classic but straightforward technique. The artist also makes the butterfly look like it has overlapping wings. 

  • Chest Butterfly Tattoo

Chest butterflies never go unnoticed if you want to show them off. A butterfly tattoo on the chest makes a bold statement. You can make it more dramatic by adding your preferred color. Besides, you need to choose where to have it on your chest; whether at the center or on the sides. For tattoo Removal you can check TattooRemoval.Clinic


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