Brent Faiyaz on His New Music and Staying Motivated in 2021

Brent Faiyaz

Rapper and singer Brent Faiyaz talks about his new music, inspiration, and how to stay motivated in 2021. This interview aired on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and lasted nearly two hours. In the first segment, Faiyaz talked about his collaboration with Pharrell and Fam and his upcoming album, A.M. Paradox. In the second segment, he shares how staying motivated is vital in a career in the music business.

Multi-Talented Artist

The artist is a multi-talented artist. He is an R&B artist from Columbia, Maryland. His debut EP Fuck the World was released in January 2017. Earlier this year, he was featured in a Calvin Klein ad with Kendrick Lamar and Tyler, The Creator. His newest release, “Mercedes,” features Tyler, the Creator and DJ Dahi.

True Inspiration

While the album was released in December, Brent Faiyaz was already promoting his new music. He released his second EP, “Fuck the World,” and appeared in a Pyer Moss ad. He has been a popular star for a decade and has just released his new single with Tyler, the Creator. He has a busy schedule, but he is working on it. He’s a great example of a self-starter and a true inspiration.

Christopher Brent Wood

The new music from Brent Faiyaz is very exciting for fans. This American artist is preparing to embark on his first tour in the United States. His birth name is Christopher Brent Wood and his full name is Brent Faiyaz. The singer’s new song with Tyler, the creator was released on January 26, and the song “Crew” was remixed by Gold Link.

In addition to his new music, Brent Faiyaz has been working hard to improve his image and remain a popular face in the music industry. His latest project, “Mercedes,” has been produced with a collaborative effort with Neptune’s. The track is produced by the duo of DJ Dahi and Tyler, The Creator. The song has become a favorite among fans.

Duplion’s Newest Release

The R&B star Brent Faiyaz is a member of the group sunder and is based in Columbia, Maryland. His debut EP, “Fuck the World,” was released on January 26, 2017, and his ad was the duplion’s newest release, “Bad Habits.” He was named Duplion’s January 2017 Artist of the Month. His song, “Crew”, was also featured on Juice Wrld’s Death Race For Love.

R&B Artist

Despite the success of his music in the UK, Faiyaz’s motivation has remained constant despite his recent setbacks. He continues to work hard and is focused on improving his craft. In a recent interview, the R&B artist opened up about his new music and staying motivated in the year ahead. He says he is focusing on creating a new album each day to become better.

He is currently working on his new album, “Fuck the World.” The album is due out in 2020, and the artist has already been busy in promoting it. His name means “faiyaz” in Latin, so his fans will recognize the song’s Chinese-influenced sound. He also shared his latest EP, “Dead Man Walking.”

Successful Debut Year

After a successful debut year, Brent Faiyaz is already focusing on his new music and staying motivated in 2021. His second EP, “Fuck the World,” was released in December. The album features a rapped verse by Yung-Kwon, who has a unique voice. The track was also a hit for the rapper’s fan base, and he’s excited to see his new album out next year.


After a successful year, Brent Faiyaz has already surpassed his goals and expectations for the next year. His new album will reach the No. 98 position on the Billboard Hot 100 chart on December 13, 2021, according to His upcoming album will be available in the stores of the country, as well as on iTunes.



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