Best WordPress themes for business websites

Best WordPress themes for business websites

WordPress provides many for businesses, for example, if they are corporate or professional. They make it straightforward to build a good website for business, and WordPress is a cost-effective way, and it is with less hustle. 

The themes have different designs, and one can easily pick the one that matches their preferences and brand. It is not all about design as they have unique features and functional designs that make a website achieve its purpose effectively. 

Sage WordPress theme is a standout, but there are many others to consider as follows.

Sage WordPress theme

Sage is one of the most effective themes because it is lighthouse-optimized and fully mobile. Close competitors to Sage include Divi, Elementor, and WP-Bakery, and non-developers mostly use them. 

However, they are not the best solutions for business websites as they lack the flexibility to keep up with the user demands, such as speed and performance. The Sage WordPress theme is fast because it has clean code, making it easy for devices to load it easily without downloading megabytes of data. Sage WordPress theme, therefore, provides one of the best experiences for developers and users as it creates a well-structured solution to a business website.

Divi WordPress theme

Divi is one of the most innovative WordPress themes available, as it has an adaptive design and is multifaceted. It has a wide array of features, such as elements, short-codes, and configurable widgets. It makes it convenient for developers as they can save a lot of time when building websites and create an excellent visual interface. 

It uses a drag and drop mechanism; therefore, it is suitable for non-developers as they do not need a lot of time to master the ins and outs of the Divi WordPress theme. Divi is still one of the top choices for business websites because of its security features, layouts, and professional page templates, but it now lags behind Sage.

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Jevelin is a good WordPress theme, and it provides demo websites, templates, plugins, and tools that one would need to build a business website. It is easy to use, and it takes little time, and one does not need to have a coding background to start using Jevelin. 

Advanced coders can utilize Jevelin’s framework with a wide array of admin panel tools to customize pages and layout designs. It is highly effective as it can perform well with industry-specific necessities and usage cases, with many custom settings and elements.


TheGem is based on the Bootstrap design and has plugins, widgets, and tools for building business websites. It makes it easy to create modern websites which are resourceful and robust no matter the business, industry, or niche. 

It is an adaptive design; therefore, it works well on mobile, and it has many template pages and demos that one can choose. WPBakery premium integration allows for building a website without the need to learn any code, making it efficient for non-developers.


Many WordPress themes are not mentioned in the article, and most are effective in creating adaptive web designs. Sage WordPress theme remains the standout because of its high capabilities, and the others are good but not as efficient. 

When creating a business website, factors to consider include speed, performance, and SEO, and Sage makes it easy to achieve the above functionalities. Users usually expect websites to load pages fast, and using Sage is an advantage. They can quickly get dissatisfied with long loading times, and it affects business as it leads to high bounce rates, which presents a low return on investment. 

Therefore, when choosing a theme to adopt for business websites, users are vital determinants. The stiff market competition means there is a need to have the best one to deliver on functionalities.


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