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Best Techs to Explore to Boost Your Business Chances of Success

What does one need to succeed in business? Well, there are lots of factors that may predetermine your entrepreneurial efficiency and overall effectiveness of your business. But among these factors, familiarity with the latest tech trends deserves a special mention.

In a highly competitive market, you need to tap into each new trend and grab every opportunity to stand out and get your place in the sun. Below are some cool technologies you should get a firm grasp on if you want to scale your existing business or establish a new one. 


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The Metaverse has already become one of the numerous buzz words you can meet all over the Internet these days. But few know that this emerging tech can really go a long way toward helping them in growing their business ventures and reaping impressive financial benefits. Meta technologies can be used to establish more trusting relationships with your customers and create more customized buying experiences for them. You can add more immersive features to your ecommerce shop on social media platforms or organize a promotional event in mixed reality to wow your audience! 

With dedicated Meta techs, you’ll also have a chance to utilize a wide variety of cutting-edge tools and techs that can create truly eye-catching promo videos and professionally-looking photographs of your products, which you’ll be subsequently sharing on your sales platforms. And in the meantime, you can use the tools you can find at

What’s more, the Metaverse can help you build extensive networks with partners, potential investors, and policymakers and further grow your business. So, you should definitely start tapping into the power of Meta to open up new opportunities for your business. 


Modjoul is a program that aims to reduce workplace injuries and insure your workers are wearing proper protective gear at work. With the help of the dedicated RFID technology and wearable device with motion, location, and environmental sensors, Modjoul attempts to warn workers when they are doing something potentially dangerous such as overextending their body or bending it too much. It collects the data it acquires and uses it to formulate reports and identify at-risk workers. As a testament to the efficacy of the tech in question in preventing workplace injuries, companies that tested the product for a year found that it reduced accidents by almost half. 

Needless to say that this is groundbreaking news for high-risk industries and businesses with safety concerns, since it represents a great leap in workplace safety. 

Self-Fertilizing Crops 

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According to the World Economic Forum and Scientific American Magazine, self-fertilizing crops are one of the most significant emerging technologies in the world. You see, fertilizers are responsible for about 2% of carbon dioxide emissions with about 100 million tons of nitrogen being converted to ammonia in an incredibly energy-intensive process. However, legumes such as soy have a way of acquiring ammonia on their own by interacting with bacteria in the soil. So, currently, scientists are actively engaging in figuring out ways to get other types of plants to do the same. If this endeavor proves successful, then we can potentially reduce the pressing greenhouse gas problem that has been plaguing humanity for many decades. Two percent might not sound like an impressive figure, but you can trust us, it adds up! So, if you want to make your agricultural or farm business more environmentally friendly, you should definitely look into this tech! 

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Medical 3D Printing 

If your business is aimed at rescuing lives, chances are you’re already familiar with the medical 3D printing technology, if not first hand then by hearsay. And in the meantime, the idea of printing organs and connective tissues is getting more and more tangible in the world of medicine. The company Ossiform, which specializes in 3D printing, has recently introduced a method of printing 3D-printed replacement bones for patients using tricalcium phosphate, a substance that possesses qualities very similar to bones. Because of this similarity, the human body can gradually turn them into vascularized bone, allowing full function of the replacement part. 

3D printing technology has a lot of potential as such. It will be interesting to see what else comes of it. 


5G network launched in Bloem and PE - Cape Business News

Even if you’re not the tech-savviest person, you should know that 5G networks are going up by the day. And it’s clear that 5G is going to be incredibly useful going forward, presenting a massive increase in speed over 4G and reducing congestion of signals. Not just that, 5G is also expected to make services such augmented reality apps more useful and accessible to businesses. This will also allow cloud-based gaming like that offered by Google Stadia to become actually viable. 

5G will be everywhere very soon. The high-speed network is expected to cover 40% of the world by 2024. If you are looking for speed for your business, then look to 5G!



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