Best Customisable Website Templates 2022

Website Templates

There are a multitude of advantages when it comes to utilizing website templates. While it is possible to code a website from scratch, tailoring it to the absolute requirements of its purpose, it can be a time-consuming and expensive process. And of course, time and money are highly important resources that must be managed wisely.

That’s where the website template comes in to save the day. In basic terms, a website template is a third-party designed structure for your website that you can utilize and build upon. Simple templates can, in many circumstances, be adopted and applied to your website for free. More complex ones in terms of design and technical functionality can cost money, and the cost can increase depending on the template.

Colors, static images, and videos, font styles, backgrounds, widgets, etc can all be used as factors to tailor the template in accordance with the purpose of your website. The template is thus in truth, a blank canvas.

And with website requirements such as the templates in question, domain purchase and hosting, website builders, logo makers, business email creation, marketing and SEO functions, etc provided by online web services such as Wix, it becomes satisfying to know that one can browse through the vast collection of available templates, including free ones and choose one that works the best for your website.

The template you choose for your website is dependent on the type of website you require and the type of content you post. While it is possible to classify this into many different categories, we can simplify them into :

  • Blogging, which includes both personal as well as the more official kind, such as portfolio sites and official sites for public figures.
  • Sites of establishments, including educational, as well as corporate.
  • E-Commerce sites, including both big and small businesses.
  • Landing pages.

With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the best customizable web templates of 2022!

For Blogging

The Travel Blog

Simple, clean, a touch of modernity, and the refreshing atmosphere of the occasion of travel, the travel blog is an excellent choice not just for a travel blog, but can be customized with images to make it into something else too. Even a personal blog. Speaking of which, the images are the highlight here and give the whole template, so much vibrance, and life.

The Graphic Designer Portfolio

Highly modern with that simplistic elegance, this is an excellent choice for just what the title says. A portfolio site for you to publish your artistic creations.

The Food Blog

A cozy, more classical style prevails with this one. And absolutely don’t restrict yourself to just your favorite recipes. It’s suitable as a design choice for many other types of blogs too. Fashion, for example.

For Establishments

Social NGO

Want to associate your website with a high-resolution image that does the talking for you? Of course, it all comes with all the simplicity of navigation and use one can think of. An excellent choice for not just NGOs, but also for other private reasons.

IT Services Company

Clean, polished, professional, no-nonsense. All the adjectives that can be used to describe a corporate website. This is one of the best templates, encompassing all of those very qualities.

Martial Arts School

This is a template that is an excellent choice for all types of educational establishments. Like the title suggests, if you plan on creating a website for your own classes or want to create a fresh website for your Alma Mater, look no further than this template.

For E-Commerce Sites

Clothing Store

Want to create a beautiful e-commerce website? Look no further than this one. Simple, clean, elegant, classy. What more could one want?

Electronics Store

So your small online business took off and you’re looking for a new theme that reflects your success? This one should be the answer. It has that air of experience and gives the vibe that it’s well established and successful, perfectly reflecting your online store.

Accessories Store

Do you want to maintain a vibe of exclusivity and luxury associated with your products? Then this is the perfect choice for just that. Clean, yet a rich and memorable design, perfect for captivating your audience and customers by representing your products perfectly.

For Landing Pages

Webinar Landing Page

When it comes to landing pages, it’s essential to keep things minimal, yet professional to spread your message quickly. This template is a great choice for accomplishing that.   


It is to be noted that this list isn’t exhaustive or rigid. After all, you know what’s best for your website. You are absolutely free to utilize your creativity to mix and match the various options and find the best template for your website. With that being said, we hope you found this useful and the examples inspiring enough for the creation of your very own website.



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