Benefits of industrial automation

For industries, it is increasingly important to opt for industrial automation and smart manufacturing equipment and systems to make production more efficient and increase profit margins. One of the main benefits of industrial processes is that downtime is reduced and products of the highest quality are provided.

What is industrial automation?

This term can be broadly understood as a system comprising interactive technologies and automated control devices that result in automatic operation of manufacturing operations and their control without significant human intervention.

More and more industries are moving from traditional manufacturing processes to taking advantage of new technologies that give rise to modern industrial automation processes that can operate 24 hours without interruption, require minimal maintenance and, therefore, increase productivity levels. This helps companies save, since they depend less on workers, have products of the highest quality, which are more competitive in the market and reduce costs in occupational risks.

Among the main benefits it offers to industries, the following can be highlighted:

High productivity

Despite having a large group of workers who take shifts to be active 24 hours a day to increase production levels; the plants must close for maintenance, repairs, holidays, among others, it is not possible that the production times are at 100%.

For its part, with industrial automation the uptime is as close to 100%, since the machinery can operate 24/7 with a minimum of interruptions in case of preventive maintenance, which is carried out in a modular way, therefore that does not affect the total production.

High quality

Automated devices and robots don’t get tired or fatigued like people do. For this reason, the quality of the final products is not influenced by people’s boredom or if they lose their focus due to personal problems; that is, it eliminates human errors from the production chain and helps to improve and increase quality standards. Stalwart International, One of the best Pressure vessel manufacturers in Vadodara.

High flexibility

Every time a new employee arrives at your factories, they need to be trained, the same happens when they implement or update processes. This leads to a learning curve that can range from a few hours to several weeks, where production is not at its peak and mistakes can be made that lead to significant losses.

Automated processes can be programmed to perform a wide variety of tasks, so new processes and methods can be integrated virtually out of the box. In addition, new production capacities can be used at very affordable costs.

Greater security

In industrial environments there is always a risk for workers, from thermal and chemical burns, impacts, electrocution, intoxication, cuts, among other accidents are common despite implementing safety standards and protective equipment; which represents large expenses for companies in financial compensation in the event of occupational accidents.

Through industrial automation systems, they make the production line safe for operators to work, through the use of proximity sensors, automated locks, closing systems, among other elements; In addition, robots handle all dangerous work, mainly that carried out in corrosive atmospheres.

Without a doubt, automation is a great tool for industries that want to reach the next level of production and quality. Although a large initial investment is required, in the medium term in your business you will be able to see the best results and will help you to become the leaders in your industrial branches. To find the ideal automation solution for your industries, contact SEPIA advisors, where we have more than 20 years of experience in the import and distribution of equipment for automation, industrial safety and production control.


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