9 Essential Qualities for Every Wedding DJ

9 Essential Qualities for Every Wedding DJ

They assert that automation is the way of the future, and this is one of the reasons why there are those who chose to pursue a career as a wedding DJ. One should never have to fear that a robot will take your work. If you’re a DJ and that statement rings hollow, thus it is strongly suggested that you continue reading. Anyone can be a DJ with an aux wire, but weddings require more than music curation. It is not sufficient to be “good” or “okay”—a wedding DJ’s mission is to make their couple’s wedding day simply AMAZING! This is what distinguishes professionals from those with a mobile phone and an aux cord, or from your Uncle Jim who used to burn CDs in his youth. 

Characteristics to Become a Successful Wedding DJ


It seems that a DJ’s personality has a direct correlation with his or her level of success. Wedding celebrations often run six hours, so could you imagine spending six hours straight with someone who sapped your energy? People gravitate toward positive feelings, and a great wedding DJ should be obsessive about maintaining a pleasant attitude during an event. Some favorite reviews come from couples who rave about how much fun and energetic the DJ was during their wedding. A great DJ is the life of the party, and if you’re inherently lousy at encouraging people to laugh and smile, you may suffocate it!


Excellent communication abilities are another necessary characteristic because in the event the DJ disappears in the days preceding a wedding, he may cause his couple to have a heart attack! Couples should not have to wait more than a day to hear back from their DJ, and even that is excessive. As a professional, you should prefer to respond to a query or lead within 30 minutes, preferably sooner. Couples hire a wedding DJ in part to assist them with the wedding preparation process. Failure to communicate is not only professional, it is downright impolite! If you’ve hired a DJ and are unable to contact them, this is a major red flag!


Each wedding that a DJ has been to seems to be teaching a little more about being adaptable. You may plan to the best of your ability, but you never truly know what will happen during a wedding until it occurs. Throughout a DJ’s career, he is expected to have changed songs at the last minute, relocated reception places mid-wedding, demonstrated how to correctly walk down an aisle to a family, and troubleshoot innumerable technical difficulties. Thus, it is highly certain that numerous, numerous, numerous further curveballs will be thrown my way. The ability to maintain composure under duress and roll with the punches is critical for any wedding DJ who wants to retain his or her sanity. Flexible DJs understand that each wedding is unique and has its own set of changes and problems. The ability to think quickly on your feet in order to produce an incredible wedding puts you miles ahead of the competition. 


Only time may bestow this illustrious attribute upon you, and the more skilled the DJ, the less likely he or she will make a mistake during the event. DJing weddings becomes natural after a while, and when the DJ finds himself/herself slipping into a flow state and forgetting he/she is indeed working. Additionally, having a positive connection with local wedding providers will result in referrals, and couples are more likely to choose a DJ who has previously performed at their location. 

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A dynamic DJ has the ability to keep a dance floor full all night. One of the reasons that DJs enjoy weddings so much is that they get to perform a diverse selection of music from all genres and decades. Unless the couple requests differently, the DJ can mix and match their music selections to keep things fresh on the dance floor. While some DJs enjoy hip hop music, most couples would despise the DJ if he/she played only hip hop and rap all night. Wedding DJs are required to be adaptable, as, without great music, guests would not dance. Guests range in age from a few months to more than 100 years. If you want to truly crowd the dance floor, play the music that the majority of your guests are already familiar with and enjoy. 


Passion is one of those qualities that you cannot teach but is always aware of. A passionate DJ is sometimes more beneficial than an experienced but unmotivated DJ. Every entrepreneur should understand why they established their firm, and if the DJ appears to be motivated just by money, it is suggested for couples to reconsider. Wedding DJs should be interested in weddings because they like witnessing brides and grooms having the time of their lives with those they care about and this is accomplished by providing a service that satisfies or surpasses their vision. 


While an amateur may receive a few gigs here and there, a professional might earn a living doing what they love. This is why as a DJ, you should hold yourself and your team’s DJs to the highest of standards. Professionalism should pervade your interactions with couples, your wedding dress, the skills you provide, and the equipment you employ. Professionalism entails development and growth as well, thus any amateur DJ can develop into a professional with continued skill development. 


It pays to remain vigilant, as every detail is significant, even if you believe no one would notice. There is a good chance that someone will, and going above and above will ultimately benefit everyone, and being observant is another way to keep the dance floor filled throughout the night. A great DJ is able to gauge the room and play the exact song that fits the mood. This would not occur if they spent the entire night staring at a screen. Observe the dance floor and take note of which songs succeed and which ones fail. Combine adaptability with a keen eye for detail, and the crowd will beg for an encore. 


A little self-confidence may propel you to incredible heights. Belief is a strong motivator, and it is advised that every DJ should seek out opportunities to increase their self-confidence. This may entail undergoing a makeover, adopting a more optimistic outlook, and arming oneself with information. People can sense it, just as they can with enthusiasm, and will feel more comfortable dealing with someone who can talk the talk and walk the walk.


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