8 Attractive Promo Items for Trade Show Floors

Promotional items are perfect for making your booth stand out on a crowded trade show floor. The more gifts you’re able to hand out, the easier it will be to boost your brand’s visibility and gain valuable new business contacts. Here are eight of the most attractive promo items you can hand out on the trade show floor in 2022: 

1. Water Bottles

When you’re doing your best to make the most of a trade show experience, you want to stay hydrated. Give the gift of hydration to everyone who visits your booth by handing out branded water bottles. Not only will this make them appreciate your brand more, but it will cause everyone who sees people drinking from your promo water bottles to slowly drift toward your booth (so they can both stay hydrated themselves, and learn more about your business). 

2. Pens

Being on your phone too often during a trade show is a huge no-no. Especially if you want to connect effectively with the people you’ll meet, you want to avoid taking down their contact info using a phone if at all possible. By having a notepad handy, and a quality pen, you can get all the contact info you require with ease. By giving out promotional pens as gifts, you make your company’s brand visible every time people exchange contact information on the trade show floor (and beyond). 

3. Keyrings

Keyrings are easy to get attached to. Losing a key, or another useful tool, because you do not have a handy keyring to keep them bonded together is absolutely tragic. If you gift people keyrings, you can begin infiltrating their daily routine, in a way that’s both casual and highly effective. Thankfully, keyrings are also incredibly affordable to purchase for trade shows, especially if you buy them in bulk. 

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4. Chocolate

Snacks are a staple of trade show-related promotional gift campaigns. That being said, the type of snack you hand out can make or break the success of your campaign. After all, if another booth is giving out superior snacks, you’ll have a harder time attracting people to your company’s trade show booth. By offering chocolate packaged in a container with your company’s logo and contact info, you’ll quickly become a trade show favorite. 

5. Headphones

While headphones might seem counterintuitive to the more socially-focused nature of a trade show, they are actually perfect for taking calls on the trade show floor in a non-intrusive manner. Headphones can be bought for much less than you might imagine and can be given out at many other different events where you’ll be running promotional campaign marketing strategies in the future as well. Consider combining your headphone gifting with a quality social media/SEO campaign for even better results. 

6. Tote Bags

One of the most useful items you can get your hands on at a trade show, tote bags are fantastic for keeping all of your new contract information, promo gifts, and other valuables in a single, safe place. If you offer a high-quality tote bag, and one that looks stylish, people will flock to your booth to receive their free bag. As they do so, you’ll create a ton of “walking billboards” on the trade show floor that will make your brand’s visibility at the trade show skyrocket. Just make sure to take down as many emails as humanly possible. 

7. Hats

Having a quality hat is always a thrill. No matter what season it might be, having a quality hat by your side can keep you comfortable and stylish, after all. At trade shows, it’s important to give out some fun gifts alongside your more practical ones. Additionally, hats are another item that has fantastic “walking billboard” potential, although this potential will be unlocked out in the public sphere instead (which can be just as, if not more, valuable in the long run). 

8. Face Masks

While the pandemic might be over, many people still feel more comfortable masking up in crowded public spaces. Doing so is polite and can still help to prevent prominent diseases from spreading during a trade shows event. If you add your brand to a face mask and give them out on the trade show floor, you’ll boost your company’s reputation as an entity that cares about the larger business community’s health and well-being. 

Prepare for Your Next Big Trade Show Event

By having one or two of these impressive, attractive promo items in bulk, you can become a star of the next trade show your company attends. With the right luck, charm, and dedication, you’ll have the whole trade show floor buzzing about the amazing company that’s giving out quality promotional gifts.  


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