Debunking 7 Common Myths on Dental Braces

Dental Braces

Dental braces! I’m sure the word isn’t new for you. You must have seen people around you wearing these or have either got them yourself. The practice isn’t new and is staying here for years.

Dental Braces – A Dental Aid

Dental braces are pretty common and are use as corrective tools to straighten misaligned or crowded teeth. These are commonly used during early teenage years but can also be used in older age. It is generally aimed for a pretty smile and to create an uneven smile.

Though dental brace are pretty common, this common dental practice has remained surrounded by many misconceptions. My sister used to wear dental braces and since childhood, I have seen her suffering from it. Accompanying her during her dental visits to many best dentists in Multan, I have learned a lot about dental.

Common Myths on Dental Braces

Let me debunk some of the dental braces myths for you.

1- Only children wear dental braces

It’s merely a myth, just because children mostly get braces, it doesn’t mean that adults can’t get these. Just as children, older people can also get these and take advantage of them. So, in the case of braces, age is just a number and depending upon your health condition, you can go for dental braces.

2- Dental braces can trigger metal alarms

Metal alarms are everywhere! A common misconception about dental braces says that if you can wear braces then it can trigger metal detectors alarms. But that’s not true. Braces are made from lighter materials that can’t trigger the alarms. So then don’t think twice if you aren’t getting dental braces for these reasons then don’t worry because dental is incapable of triggering metal alarms.

3- Braces make you look unattractive

Well, that’s not true because modern braces are different from conventional ones. Previously braces used to be bulky and require ligatures to hold them in place, But with the advent of technology braces that are incognito are quite in fashion. These braces are not quite visible from the front and if you are still uncomfortable then invisible braces known as Invisalign are the perfect fit for you.

4- Wearing braces is painful

It is MYTH because braces aren’t painful. Wearing braces can cause a little discomfort to you but not pain. You may experience discomfort in the beginning but get use to it after spending a week wearing these. Braces experience is more comfortable with the advent of modern braces.

5- You can only eat selective foods with your braces on

Braces don’t prevent you from eating your favourite foods and this is merely a myth that you can’t eat most of the foods while wearing your braces. You can eat nearly all the foods except the ones that can stick in your braces. Moreover, it is advisable to avoid foods that are crunchy and applying force can dislocate your braces. A preferable option is to cut off your foods into smaller portions.

6- Braces are only mental to straighten your teeth

This is a fact that braces are usually mean to straighten your teeth but there are many other uses of braces as well. Dental braces can result in better oral hygiene by improving your teeth’ alignment and making oral regions accessible for better cleaning. Further, dental braces can help to improve your bite and can improve speech.

7- Dental braces are expensive

Though it is a common belief that getting dental braces is expensive and you need to spend a lot to get yours. But be mindful that getting dental braces is a lifetime investment you can make and it ultimately keeps all other dental problems at a bay.

Bottom Line!

Dental braces are common and more and more people are getting these. Dental braces are known to improve your dental health and can give you a pretty smile. Not only it is a corrective measure used to improve your teeth alignment but is also known to improve your oral hygiene. Dental braces come in all shapes and sizes and you can choose the one that you find most suitable for you. So, if you are looking for a dental fix, then braces can be a good option for you.


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