6 Fun yet Delicious Birthday Cakes for your Child

Birthdays are a delight for kids since the times immemorial. Be it for our kids, or us; birthdays were always fun and we always wished to celebrate them in the best way possible. These days we all see that the cartoon cakes are trending amongst the little ones and hence we need to make sure that we can do our best to find a delicious birthday cake for our kid that is not just yummy but also looks fascinating to them and their friends.

So, now let us begin with some incredible cake ideas which will make your child happy on their birthday. They will be delighted to get these cakes on their birthdays and will always remember this for life. These are some moments that make us feel special and a cartoon themed birthday cake is that moment for your kid.

Let us start now!!!

Chota Bheem Cake

This one is one of the main cakes for kids these days since all of them are the Chota Bheem fans. These cakes are made with small caricatures of Bheem, Raju, or Chutki on it, which will excite these kids for sure. You can get this cake in both fondant and cream, depending on your choices and the child’s taste. This is one of the first priorities for kids if he/she is a cartoon fan.

Angry Bird Cake

You can also get an angry bird cake for your little one and surprise them on their birthdays. If you would have seen this cartoon for once, then you would be remembering this red colored bird which is going to be amazing for your kids. This red-colored big bird is all that your kid needs as a surprise on their birthday.

Pokemon Cake

Why not make your child cut a Pikachu cake and make their day special for them? Your child will be very happy to see that you have taken care of their choice and also they will become heroes in front of their friends. Their pals are going to be a huge fan of you as a parent and your kids are going to flaunt this cake in front of their friends for years.

Action Kamen Cake

If you have seen your child taking a keen interest in Shinchan, then this action Kamen cake is the best one for you. Whenever you plan to get this cake for your child, make sure that you ask the baker to make it with fondant only, as then this cake will look the best one.

Doraemon Cake

These days the online cake delivery has given you the leisure of ordering the yummy and exquisite Doraemon cakes. Your child is going to be delighted on seeing this Doraemon cake and will surely give you a tight hug for this one.

Racer Car Cake

If your child is a fan of the Racer car, then giving them a fondant cake of a racer car is what you need to do. Your child is going to get delighted with these cakes and is going to be very thankful to you for this one. Make sure that you leave no stone unturned to make their born-day special with this delicious yet quirky birthday cake.

These were some very delightful and lip-smacking birthday cakes that you can order for your child on their birthdays. Cartoon cakes have always been a fetish for kids and their dream of having one will come true once you present it to them on their birthdays. It is going to be one of the most memorable things for them.


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