5 Typical Driving Lessons in St Albans Blunders That You Should Avoid

driving lessons in St Albans

It’s fantastic to have your own driver’s license or p-plate. For youngsters, it is one of the first steps toward independence after taking driving lessons in St Albans. However, a single blunder can jeopardies your prospects of obtaining a permanent driver’s license. You can also be penalized if you disobey traffic laws. Furthermore, your anxiousness and lack of professional expertise can have an impact on your driving ability.

Remember that getting a P plate is not easy, especially if you are a new driver. You must adhere to a number of strict regulations. Even once you have it, you must be cautious not to break any traffic laws. So, in order to avoid a mishap, we have compiled a list of 5 typical driving blunders that you should avoid at all costs!

5 Typical Driving Blunders that You Should Avoid

  1. Driving Alone

In the UK, distracted driving is one of the most common causes of accidents. It can put you in a dangerous scenario or possibly put you in the hospital. Because driving lessons in st albans does not become an inherited aptitude to you as a new driver, your chances of becoming distracted are significantly higher. A sudden idea can take your attention away from the road.

As a result, driving with an experienced driver is a safe option for you. If you’re about to make a mistake, the supervisor next to you can either stop you or correct you. They can also quickly alert you if you become distracted. Even though a P-plate allows you to drive alone, it is critical that you drive with a supervisor for the first several days.

  1. Driving in a Highly Populated Area

It is not advisable to drive around schools at the start or end of the school day. Students could be roaming the streets at any time, and the risk of an accident is too great.

To avoid being involved in an accident, avoid driving during rush hour. In school or hospital zones, the vehicle must maintain a speed of roughly 40 km/h. So make sure you’re following the speed limit as well.

  1. Intersection right-hand turns

This is dangerous because there are no traffic lights at some intersections. Right-hand turns become difficult as a result of this. It necessitates advanced driving abilities, such as assessing the approximate spacing for the turn and calculating the time required.

So, if you’re learning to drive, stay away from right-hand turns at intersections. Even if you’re an experienced driver, do right-hand turns as little as possible. You’ll avoid risk this way.

  1. Going Over the Speed Limit

If you drive faster than the posted speed limit in a certain area, you may face fines and penalties. Some uneasy beginner drivers struggle to learn to drive within the speed limit.

Being aware of your surroundings and traffic signs, in general, is the best thing you can do when driving. There will almost always be a few people reminding you of the speed limit. In general, the speed limit of several areas is around 50 km/hr. The top speed zone is 110 mph. To be safe, though, remain considerably below the limit as a new driver.

  1. Failure to Practice Reverse Parking

If you agree to take the driving test, the officer in charge may conduct reverse parking tests. Those who do not pass do not qualify for the P plate.

It is preferable if you practise beforehand. It will help you a lot when parking your car, even after you receive your P-plate or permanent licence.


To stay safe on the road, avoid the common blunders listed above. The Government’s Drive Safe guide is a good resource for learning driving rules in St Albans. Also, when driving, keep an eagle eye on observation checks and be aware of your surroundings. Remember that cautious driving not only keeps you out of jail but it also keeps you out of trouble.

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