5 tips that any freelancer should use to be employed and successful:

5 tips that any freelancer

Since the pandemic hit many people have made a decision to move their deeds home and become freelancers. This is great and very effective for those who were stuck in the office for too long, but sometimes people just don’t know where to start, how to advertise themselves and how to find jobs and opportunities to make decent money. In order to help, we have gathered 5 tips to make your life as a freelancer easier. 

  1. Don’t be afraid to manifest yourself as a professional who gets paid. You’ve changed the way that you work, but it doesn’t mean that you should get paid less than earlier. Even if you don’t have any experience in freelancing, it doesn’t mean that you should give discounts to your new clients and do whatever they want to get that job. The more confident in yourself you look, the higher are your chances of getting paid as much as you want. 
  2. Look after your social media pages and don’t forget to update them and promote them. Sure, you don’t need to instantly buy followers on Instagram, but you should definitely follow your posting routine and be on time with your answers to people who have decided to subscribe to you. Don’t forget about cross-posting and spreading a word about your skills and projects on all possible platforms. 
  3. Speaking about platforms — do you have a LinkedIn account? If not, make one right now! This social network does miracles to people who are searching for a new job as a freelancer. There you will be able to create new professional bonds and take part in projects that seemed impossible yesterday. Make sure to fill in all the needed information and wait for endorsements; these pay a huge role in forming a nice reputation on this platform. And actually, you can purchase them as well and you can buy Instagram followers cheap and easy. 
  4. If in doubt, just Google it. If there is a certain aspect of your new work that doesn’t make sense to you right now, or if you need to do a little bit more than you were doing previously and you have no idea how to do it — don’t panic and turn to help from the Internet. In your head it might not be that professional, but trust us on this one, many people who work online right now are completely self taught and there is nothing that you cannot find online, if you put enough time and effort into the research. 
  1. Last but not least, communicate. With your employer, with the team (if you’re working on a team project), with your audience (if we’re talking about social media pages development). Don’t be afraid to talk about something personal as well — try to make new friendships or at least nice relationships with the people who have a direct influence on your work process. It can come in very handy later. 

Use all of the above and you will never find yourself desperately seeking a new job with no money on hand. 


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