5 Facts About Hiring Car Accident Lawyer Los Angeles

car accident lawyer los angeles

Immediately after a car accident in LA, your immediate concern should be your safety. Make sure to call 911 and ensure that you inform the police. Even when the accident seems like a fender bender, stay at the scene until the police tell you otherwise. Ensure that you seek medical care for your injuries, as you may not feel as much pain due to the impact and the subsequent adrenaline rush. Once you feel a little better, it’s time to seek legal advice, which should come from an experienced personal injury lawyer. Here are five facts about hiring a car accident attorney in Los Angeles

Car Accident Lawyer Los Angeles Points:

  1. You can ask for a case evaluation. People often shy away from hiring an attorney because they are worried about the costs. Unlike criminal or family lawyers, accident attorneys don’t charge a fee to review your case. Most of the known law firms in LA will be happy to evaluate your claim and give you an overall overview of what to expect.
  2. An accident attorney won’t charge you immediately. The standard practice for personal injury lawyers is to charge a contingency fee, including claims involving car accidents. This means that the lawyer only gets a fee when you recover money from the insurance company. There is no upfront fee for hiring an attorney, and that’s a good reason to engage an expert on your side.
  3. Not all injury lawyers specialize in car accident claims. As a client, you must research before getting an attorney on board. Usually, injury lawyers handle a wide range of cases, but not many can claim to have extensive experience working on auto accident lawsuits. Check details of the law firm and the number of such cases they have taken in the last five years.
  4. Your accident attorney will do everything. Right from gathering evidence to support the case to talking to witnesses and finding experts to prove more details, your lawyer is in charge of everything. Once the lawyer takes over, they will also ensure you don’t have to deal with the insurance company directly.
  5. You should look for trial experience. Car accident cases in LA don’t usually go to trial, but if the accident attorney believes that your claim is worth more, they may file a lawsuit in civil court. There is a deadline of two years for filing such cases in California.

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