3 Things To Know About How Personal Injury Case Settlement Money Can Be Garnished For Child Support

3 Things To Know About How Personal Injury Case Settlement Money Can Be Garnished For Child Support

When it comes to personal injury cases, there are lots of things that matter. If someone has been hurt in an accident due to a person’s negligent actions, they can receive compensation for their injuries. However, if that person has child support dues, then that settlement money can be used to pay it. This has important legal consequences.

If a person who is a non-custodial parent receives money as a settlement in a personal injury case, and if they owe child support, the state has the power to take some of it away to pay for the child support. Learn more about how it can impact the consequences of personal injury settlement cases from a professional lawyer.

  • The Case For Supporting Children

The United States plays a lot of importance on the fact that parents have to support their children. That is why child support laws are strong and always favor the child and her needs. As non-custodial parents have the duty of supporting their children, it is a fact that most states in the country do their best at ensuring that is the case. 

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If you have not paid child support for some reason, and you happen to get a personal injury settlement in your favor, then chances are that a part of that money will be used to pay back your dues in child support. However, the thing to understand here is that this does not happen automatically nor does it happen randomly. Taking the help of a good lawyer to make sure that your financial interests are protected is necessary.

  • What Does Child Support Garnishment Mean?

It is a legal process where the money that is to be paid to one person is used partly to meet an outstanding debt they owe to someone. Tax refunds and wages are garnished in this manner. So are personal injury settlement cases garnished. 

With this garnishment, a legal process unfolds where the settlement amount one receives for a personal injury case is used partly to pay back child support dues that a non-custodial parent owes. No matter which side you are on, it is important to understand how it can impact your compensation.

  • Protecting One’s Financial Interests

While this is a concept that is quite common in today’s times, it does not happen automatically. If you want to protect your financial interests, it is a good idea to consult a lawyer who has professional knowledge and expertise to deal with such instances. It may so happen that you were happy to get a personal injury settlement in your favor but with child support parties involved, you may not be able to enjoy the compensation money.

To Conclude

With the right legal representation, no matter whether you owe someone child support or someone owes it to you, you will be able to protect your financial interests legally. This way, you can be assured that your financial footing is strong and you have nothing to worry about.


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