10 Cryptos Skyrocketed Upto 5000% in 2021


2021 was a great year for cryptocurrency investors. It saw the biggest boom in crypto prices and extensive adoption of the crypto market. Even now, when the market has been going through a crash recently, the market’s capital has gone up to 2.1 trillion dollars compared to last year’s 770 billion dollars.

It is not easy to invest in the world of cryptocurrency, but you have to think about the measures to make the maximum profit by investing in the right kind of coins. It might be not easy initially, but once you observe the trends in the market, you can be pretty sure about how the values of different coins are increasing. Most of the investor’s looked into the data given below to understand the trend of rising prices and invest accordingly. If you’re interested in knowing how to ensure your heirs have access to your bitcoin click here.

Gala-over 40,000%

  • Gala is an online community-based gaming space or platform running on a blockchain system.
  • It features the ability to play and earn games on their platform.
  • Though there is only one game within the many mentioned, the idea is mainly to carry and use the token throughout other games within the gala network.

AnySwap-over 16,500% 

  • AnySwap is a token based on cross-chain swap technology.
  • It allows its users or holders to swap tokens on the identical blockchain or network.
  • It solves the problem of interchain operability.
  • For example, if a pass on Bitcoin’s chain can be changed to another token on Ethereum’s chain.

Axie Infinity-over 15,000%

  • It’s based on a somewhat similar concept of play-to-earn games as GALA.
  • It allows users to carry rewards earned to other games and exchange them for real cash.
  • Players can breed, battle and complete missions using Axie’s NFT tokens.

Ceek VR-over 25,000%

  • Ceek is a virtual reality-based online platform for artists.
  • It features music streaming and live performance, using NTFS from famous artists like Lady Gaga, Bon Jovi, Ziggy Marley, etc.
  • This could be the future for online music and song streaming services.

The Sandbox-over 12,000%

  • The Sandbox is an online gaming platform or gameverse launched in 2012.
  • (SAND) is the currency in the Sandbox world.
  • The Sandbox invested in Metaverse along with many others.
  • The recent launch of Metaverse skyrocketed all metaverse coins.
  • Cathie Woods said that the Metaverse might be a trillion-dollar industry.

XYO-over 16,000% 

  • Xyo is based on the concept of Geospatial data.
  • This uses Geospatial data technology to collect information specific to the information and then repurpose it to monetize in various ways.
  • For example, holders can use their phones to geomine to collect rewards.

Polygon-over 11,000%

  • MATIC is the token for polygon networks.
  • It was launched in India.
  • It is based on Ethereum’s layer two blockchains.
  • Ethereum was the first crypto to use innovative contract technology to support applications built on its network.
  • But this causes a high transaction rate. So the second layer is seated on top of the previous layer one and improves performance.

Terra-over 11,000%

  • Terra is based on stable coins throughout other networks.
  • For example, LUNA is the token for Terra.
  • It uses a preset algorithm to fix prices.

Solana-over 9,000% 

  • Solana also uses smart contracts like Ethereum.
  • In 2021 Solana reached the top 10 cryptocurrencies and hasn’t got out of the list since then.
  • SOL is among the few intelligent contract-based coins that people believe will rival Ethereum due to its transaction cost.

Flux-over 7,500%

  • Flux is using the philosophy of web 3.0.
  • The next-gen Internet will be a decentralized platform.
  • This will allow us to use many online services without the middleman.
  • Flux is trying to put itself as a decentralized amazon.com alternative.


In 2021 the crypto market produced huge gains. But keep these things before you invest in any of your favourite coins because the crypto market is a high-risk high-profit market. The growth doesn’t guarantee the same for 2022. Cryptos are risky, and there is no clear indication of what will be happening next year. It is crucial to have your research done and not spend more on investment than you could afford to lose. Check out and understand the specific risks crypto may face. A massive drop in the prices was seen recently. It is believed that the market may further fall this year. Some also believe that it is a downfall before another significant surge.



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