6 COVID Safety Checklist for Your Home


Everybody has spent most of their time cleaning ever since the covid and everyone would have had a checklist of things such deep cleaned all the bedrooms, wiped down every cabinet, gutting the gutters but there are a few important items around your house that need and require annual attention


1. Get the household involved.

You can make household chores a fun activity by making spring cleaning a household endeavour. Even young children can be excellent helpers. Assign age-appropriate chores, so everyone feels included. Crank up the music from your playlist as you all clean or establishing a household reward as an incentive to get the work done


2. Replace your HVAC air filter.

It is crucial to thoroughly clean and replace the vents throughout your home to remove dust. According to experts, indoor air can be five times more polluted than outdoor air, especially after winter when households stay sealed and locked


3. Remove any standing water.

The beginning of spring is a nice time of the year, now that all of the snow has melted, it gives way for a new life but one might also find pest laying eggs standing water in your yard or garden. Clear stagnant water such as birdbaths, buckets, and puddles which are optimal place for mosquitos to lay eggs


4. Test smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide alarm.

Smoke alarms your family stays safe to test your smoke alarm at regular intervals to ensure it is in working condition and replace the entire detector every ten years. Replace the detector at least every five years even if the test button works as the test button only checks the battery on carbon monoxide alarms

5. Check your fire extinguisher.

Install a fire extinguisher nearby the kitchen and backyard grill area and be sure you know how to use it in the event of an emergency.

6. Run an Electrical Safety Inspection

Those worn-out wires or outdated wiring connection is dangerous than you think the best way to replace those outdated electrical wiring is to run an electrical safety inspection and upgrade your electrical outlets and wiring


Keeping your home clean and your electrical equipment, electrical installation up-to-date is important for the health and safety of your family. If you are unsure of your Home’s Electrical Safety Call the Professionals at Inlightech Electrical Solutions



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